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Happy 1st Birthday, Hungry and Fit!

Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Wow! We made it one whole year of posting and you actually listened to us that whole time! Starting and continuing this blog has been an absolutely treasure for us and we appreciate our followers so much for their support and willingness to try new things. I can’t believe a whole year of blogging has gone by already! Time flies when you’re busy and having fun.


photo 3 (16)

We originally started this blog to share our food and fitness knowledge and to discuss our journey–all which we’ve done with flying colors I believe. When we first started this blog, we were broke and jobless–using the public library to get our blogging needs done. Now we’ve moved to a new apartment (bigger and nicer than previous), gotten several jobs and moved up the chain in those jobs, becoming directors and coordinators of departments.

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Chris has Bell’s Palsy here…

Hungry and Fit! Our pose

Hungry and Fit! Our pose

We’ve been through some rough times and some great times and we’ve both grown in our first year here in Colorado. We’ve achieved great fitness goals and killer recipes. There was the point when we hit 1k followers, and now we’re up  to 1,500! We’ve expanded a great deal with different social medias in our Hungry & Fit NationWe’ve extended our services as personal trainers and become friends with other businesses. We get 400 views a day! Pretty good first year I’d say. And tons of “bonus kitty pics(obviously the best part of our posts).

photo 2


And let’s look at the very first post we wrote…”Welcome to Boulder“. Awww, isn’t that cute! It’s fun to look back and see our journey from Day 1 to where we are. Fresh out from college (me anyhow–Chris was one year out), living on our own, and creating a life together. Pretty exciting stuff to think about. We’ve now surpassed a half million views and we are ecstatic about how well our blog has taken off. We’ve gotten some attention from sponsors and ad agencies, but we do this for the love of creation and helping others. And we plan to keep it that way.

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It’s a lot of work to blog every day (or so we try), but it’s something we think worth doing and we truly do enjoy it. You gotta do what you love and love what you do. But YOU guys help us keep going. So thank you so much for supporting us! And as always…stay hungry and fit! 

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Sajah has become such a cuddle bug

Sajah has become such a cuddle bug


Today’s post is going to be short! It’s not because we are feeling tremendously lazy due to the heat and long work days. It’s not because we’ve run out of ideas… we have pages full of ideas that will last us until 2014. It’s simply because we’ve been very much into what we have been doing on our blog at www.hungryandfit.com (this site!) ever since we started last year. In fact, we are becoming continually more enthusiastic about it, as you can tell by the additions and innovations to the website.

Sajah being adorable on a hot summer day

Sajah being adorable on a hot summer day

For months, we have been tracking our progress and setting some unofficial goals. Obviously, we don’t make much money off of the blog… we simply love to offer some advice and tell fun stories to people who are interested. While we continue planning to expand upon our free and paid-for services, such as online comprehensive training and free YouTube videos (and MORE), we will keep the blog alive. So let’s get to the main point because I’m speaking without thinking about structure since I’m so happy. Just today, we passed the 1,000 follower mark, whatever that means. We’ve been aiming for it for quite some time and we hope you continue to refer us so that number can grow and the number of people we entertain and educate can expand.

Getting ready for a wedding...Chris the self-proclaimed French hairstylist

Getting ready for a wedding…Chris the self-proclaimed French hairstylist

Thank you again for all the love and support. And please look on our other pages besides the blog posts. We have some interesting stuff to see and it will continue to get better. Please let us know if there is a topic you would like us to talk about so we can add it to the list!

Stay hungry and fit!

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Happy Weekend, our fellow bloggers and followers! This is a post where we leave our fate up to you. Our graphic designer, Amanda Grzymala, has come up with some truly brilliant logos here for us at Hungry and Fit. But there’s a problem…we like them all too much to decide! So we leave it here for our fans, our followers, our fellow bloggers, friends, and family. Pick A, B, or C! Enjoy.







I know, I know–they’re all great. That’s our problem. We figure that enough feedback will help us decide. Sorry for the short post, but you’re helping us out here! As always…stay hungry and fit!

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Exciting Changes and Renovations

Some of you might have noticed while some of you may not have. We hope that you have because recently we have been putting more time into Hungry & Fit’s website to make it better. You might have noticed the overall change in format, addition of colors, change of fonts and some new options on the home page. We have also added many pages that are somewhat lacking but will be getting filled out in the near future.


The about page is obviously the same for now and has very short bios about our family. The credentials page is a professional page for our business partners and interested clients that want to see what makes us worth their time and money. The giveaways page is a new feature where we give one or more new prizes away every month. Sometimes, it will be to random individuals and sometimes we will offer contests. Check now to see the contest to get Moosejaw red sunglasses. They are really nice and comfortable and have great UV protection.


H&F’s Friends has links and information to all of our business partners and favorite places. Hungry & Fit Nation has links to all of our other social media outlets and services including Bodyspace, YouTube, Twitter, and many more to come in the future including NationBuilder. Our Services includes all of our free and paid for online and live services that we offer. This includes online personal training and consultations, in person training and boot camps, and also our dog walking and sitting services. Testimonials are a professional page similar to credentials that will help those interested in our services see who and how we have helped people in the past in our time in the industry. Finally, The Gallery is a collection of all of our favorite pictures that sums up who Hungry and Fit really are. Some include us, some include animals, food, fitness and a whole mix of everything we love. Please feel free to stop by any of our new pages and show some support. If you’re interested in our services, email us at hungryandfit@gmail.com or just keep reading our free blog posts to stay hungry and fit!



Follow Us!

Drum roll please…Hungry and Fit now has a Twitter and a YouTube. Yes, this isn’t an exciting post…at all, but we try to keep you updated with what’s going on with us in accordance to this blog. Both are pretty easy to access…twitter.com/hungryandfit and youtube.com/hungryandfit. Pretty simple, no?

We will be updating it as regularly as we can, probably more so the Twitter than the YouTube, but the YouTube already has some cute kitten videos up on there! So you can follow us (our twitter handle is now on the left side of the blog page) and subscribe to the YouTube channel.


For the Twitter page, we will be updating it with workout tips, eating/cooking tips, and lifestyle guides. Much similar as to what you see us posting here, but in very short condensed form!

For the YouTube page, we will be putting up videos of kittens (duh), workouts, home cooking, and more! It will be well worth it to keep an eye out as we will keep them to a shortened length.

Sajah ninja-attacking Chris

Sajah ninja-attacking Chris

Thanks for following/subscribing to us, stay tuned, and as always…stay hungry and fit!