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Chris and I decided to do a different-styled post that may recur every week. Instead of informative posts, we decided to create a post outlining our workout plan for the week. This is for a few reasons: one, because it will keep us on track and give us less excuse to skip and two, hopefully it will encourage and motivate readers! I used to plan workouts for myself and a few of my friends throughout college. I would write it up every Sunday and email it out–and we definitely got them done and loved it. I encourage you to write one for yourself! Now this is very flexible and could change based on how sore muscles are.


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  • Monday: Back 2 – 60 minutes, focusing on mid-back size and lower back strength, HEAVY caloric intake
  • Tuesday: Legs 2 – 75 minutes, focusing on strength in hips, glutes, and hamstrings, 400 yard easy swim, Heavy caloric intake
  • Wednesday: Arms 2 – 65 minutes, focusing on hypertrophy in the brachialis, strengthening wrists and forearms, working relative strength through weighted dips and chin-ups, 400 yard easy swim, moderate caloric intake
  • Thursday: Shoulders 2 – 70 minutes, focusing on strength in traps and size in front delts, 400 yard easy swim, moderate caloric intake
  • Friday: Core 1 – 60 minutes, focusing on flexibility in core region, strengthening lower abdominals, and planks, full court basketball for “cardio,” moderately high caloric intake
  • Saturday: Chest 3 – 60 minutes, focusing on hypertrophy in the upper through lower inner chest, strength with dumbbells on the incline, frisbee golf,  high caloric intake
  • Sunday: Back 3 – 60 minutes, focusing mainly on rack pulls and deadlifts for strength, ping pong, high caloric intake


Looking small...>.>

Looking small…>.>


  • Monday: Run (2 miles) + Legs
  • Tuesday: Run (2 miles) + Arms and Shoulders
  • WednesdaySwim + Core and Back
  • Thursday: Total-body Circuit Training + optional Elliptical
  • FridayRun + Yoga (OR REST)
  • SaturdaySwim + Chest (and frisbee golf!)
  • SundayElliptical + Legs (and ping pong!)

So that’s the plan, and I truly emphasize plan. It most likely will not all fall into that exact order at all depending on soreness, tiredness, and time. I’m looking forward to planning ahead and seeing how this week takes us. Time to shred up 2014! Create a workout plan to stay hungry and fit!

  • Question of the Day: What is your workout plan for the week? Anything from lifting to walking to dancing!


Sajah drunk with sleepiness

Sajah drunk with sleepiness

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