The #3 Greatest Video Game of All Time

We have now come to the top THREE greatest video games of all time! Can you feel the heat? I don’t want to blab too much in the introduction so we can get right down to the fun stuff!  If you missed the others on our countdown, please check them out: #25,#24,#23,#22,#21,#20#19#18#17#16#15, #14#13#12#11#10, #9#8, #7#6, #5, and #4.  

Kai – Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Alpha Centauri is my favorite strategy game of all time.  It does a fantastic job combining strategic depth and science fiction theme.  It takes place in the near-future, after a colony ship from Earth is sent to Alpha Centauri.  During the journey, the colonists lose contact with Earth, the captain is murdered, and the colonists break into 7 ideological factions.  The game does an amazing job conveying the transition from small compound in an alien wilderness to a planet-wide technological utopia.

In terms of gameplay, it was an enhanced version of the earlier Civilization games.  Its biggest addition was customizable units (a base body with added components/weapons/armor).  It still suffers from the Stack of Doom mechanic of the earlier Civ games, but the other elements definitely make up for it.
Firaxis created a pseudo-sequel with Beyond Earth, but it’s more of a mod than a real standalone game.  If you feel the need to spend a weekend colonizing an alien planet, Alpha Centauri is your game.

Po – Super Mario World -My first video game memory. My brother would leave for school, and I would sneak into his room and play this game for hours upon hours when I was 4 years old. The cape is one of my favorite items of all-time.


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Andrew- Morrowind You’ll notice that Elder Scrolls has been noticeably absent on my list and now you see why. Skyrim is a great game, Oblivion is not, Morrowind is THE game. How many 300+ hour game saves can me and my brother both have? How much could we have been playing this game in Junior High? (Although I think most of my files were corrupted by a bug where the Imperials constantly chase you despite not having a bounty? And when you go to jail they keep chasing you or just want to kill you or something? Can’t really remember). This game is a beauty. The scenery. The score. Hopesfire. True flame. Also House Redoran all the way.

Fit – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords – Although not BioWare, this game was still LucasArts and is dear to my heart and memories. And, although, it wasn’t nearly as good as the first KOTOR, it still claims my #3 spot as very epic Star Wars RPG. This game is set five years after the first of its series where you play a different character, a Jedi Exile, and try to either bring peace and stability to the galaxy or take the power for the Dark Side. As with the first, I loved the character development–how every choice mattered. Every decision made a difference to your character. If the Dark side corrupted you, your features would start to change. 

Another big plus with this game is the companion element. If you had significant influence over them, your moral choices would turn them as well. You could spend hours in dialog with each companion, unlocking different journeys, paths, and gameplay. I loved the new Force powers that came out of this one and the story always gets me. The rich characters, the different paths you could take as the player, the beautiful soundtrack–how many times will I replay this game. It’s always fun to spend hours and hours in the Star Wars universe with the power at your fingertips to change the galaxy’s fate. 

Hungry – Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams – I bet you NEVER saw this one coming. I think that Onimusha is a gravely underrated series, but that works in my favor. Just like Elder Scrolls, I was able to live in my own little world that no one else knew about… and I love that! (Elder Scrolls and Song of Ice and Fire were better before EVERYONE started talking about it!) It’s like the Wardrobe to Narnia, you really don’t want to share it with anyone else because you want it to be all yours! While I loved the first and third entries in the series, Dawn of Dreams somehow managed to push the story line forward with new and improved graphics, stronger mechanics, and even more hidden odds and ends. Resident Evil, Castlevania, and Onimusha are three of my favorite series but this one transcends for me because it is based of a Feudal Era Japan with awesome swords and melee weapons… it’s my dream come true. 


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Wow, that is a stacked list of high-caliber games. Have you played any of these games? Would any of these games make your Top 3? Comment below! And as always, stay hungry and fit!