The #5 Greatest Video Game of All Time

Today, we arrive at a biggie. #5 of the Greatest Video Game of All Time! We’ve traveled many months to get to the Top 5 and we have finally arrived! Will there be any similarities? Will they all be different? What game company is going to be the most loved? You’ll just have to read on! If you missed the others on our countdown, please check them out: #25,#24,#23,#22,#21,#20#19#18#17#16#15, #14#13#12#11#10, #9#8, #7 and #6

#5 Greatest Video Game of All Time

Kai – Civilization II – One of the first games I really got into, Civilization II is an epic game spanning all of human history.  I haven’t played every iteration of the series, but I played 2, 4, and 5 heavily.  I love them all, but have the fondest memories of Civilization II.  

Civilization II was similar to SimCity 2000 in its massive impact on the computer gaming world.  I distinctly remember during 4th grade YMCA summer camp reading the strategy guide and making an ordered list of all 90 technologies.  My cousin and I would play it every summer (along with the related game Colonization), conquering continent after continent.
It played like an epic game of Risk, starting in 4000 BC and ending with humans headed to Alpha Centauri (or total nuclear war).  You built cities, controlled armies, researched technology, and constructed wonders, all to prove that your civilization was the greatest.  I’d recommend any of the versions of Civilization if you haven’t tried any, but if you’re looking to jump into world conquest right away, Civilization 5 is probably your best bet.  Just don’t blame me when you can’t stop playing one more turn.

Po – Bioshock – The world Ken Levine imagined here is so fully-realized it’s absolutely awe-inspiring. Rapture is a living, breathing character in the game, as equally necessary as the allies & baddies that you’ll interact with as your plunge deeper and deeper into the story. Best story, phenomenal plot twists. Andrew Ryan forever.

Andrew – Arkham Series This is the only comic book superhero game/series/etc on the list (so no, Superman 64 or City of Heroes will not be clinching our top spot). Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are very similar with their intros, in the first you’re walking the Joker into containment and in the second you’re being arrested and walked into the prison. Arkham Asylum takes place at…Arkham Asylum (and Arkham City in Arkham City – gasp!) and focuses on Joker taking over the prison and taking some Titan (recurring element in the series) to become a big ole’ monster. Arkham City features Dr Hugo Strange as one of the big bad’s who knows Bruce Wayne is Batman and the Joker’s is dying of a disease.  Arkham Origins (different development team) features a younger Batman on Christmas Eve as Black Mask is taking over the city and has recruited assassins to kill Batman. Arkham Knight may or may not come out next month and might cause me to buy an Xbox One but we’ll touch on that later.

This series features the same combat elements in every game (it’s a beat-em up style game, not button mashing since there’s finesse. It’s “free flow combat”.) The stories in all of them are great (Arkham City has the best), the graphics and CGI are nice, and there’s nothing better than Easter Eggs and seeing familiar faces when you’re Batman. This series is on the list because…well…I’m Batman.

 Alana – Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – This game is epic beyond epicness. Wonder beyond wondrous. Creative beyond creativity. Although, Kai and I played Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (Halt Halt Halt!), but I didn’t really really get immersed into the Elder Scrolls universe until Morrowind. I can’t describe how wonderful this game is.
There is something beyond the game play, the world size, the inspiring music, the lore–it’s a feeling that is hard explain with words. You’re walking along, under the huge sky with two huge moons, thunder booming in the background, looking for the next city to sell your most recent loot as the soundtrack swells around you. The intricacies of this game are jaw-dropping.
You enter into the world (a very very big world with every detail you could imagine) as an Outlander, with dreams of a destiny that is slowly laid out before you. I always love the personality test that suggests what class you should be. Everything in this game is touchable and able to be interacted with in any way you choose. It tells you something that this game is so high on my list yet I haven’t even beaten it because I was so engrossed in exploring the world. That’s my role in Elder Scrolls game: the Explorer. I love to walk the world and understand all the lands and cities. All the skills, the people you meet, the Houses–it’s endless! It is truly impressive and inspiring how much detail goes into this game. It will always hold an incredibly special place in my heart and the soundtrack plays on my computer to this day.

Hungry – Kingdom Hearts Wow, this is where every game is beyond greatness and has reached legendary status. Kingdom Hearts introduced a loved new franchise that took two of my favorite fantasy worlds, Disney and Squaresoft, and created a world unlike any we’d ever seen. Being a part of Classic Disney story lines while the main character went on his own personal quest. The soundtrack is among the best ever. The game play was smooth, the voice acting was enjoyable enough, the ability to take on optional challenges such as the Coliseum, the choice of keyblades… and an amazing yet simple story. Honestly, this game was something else. 

Wow–what an epic list of games. It is definitely getting exciting! It’s the time where you see everyone’s true colors now and what they really care about. Have you played any of these games? Comment below! And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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