#23 Greatest Video Game of All Time

Down from #25, we are up to #23 in our Top #25 Video Games of All Time! I’m excited to reveal the variety in our video game brain trust for this week’s picks. Check out #24 if you haven’t already and brace yourself for #23! Comment below if you have something to say! 

Kai – System Shock 2 A deeply unsettling, atmospheric FPS sci-fi horror game with RPG elements.  The story of the corrupted starship Von Braun is fantastically told through diary entries and FPS encounters.  Great voice acting makes the world of System Shock 2 really come alive, including one of the best villians in-game history: SHODAN.  The game brings all these elements together to deliver a powerful, scary experience, and paved the way for impactful storytelling in games like Half-life and Bioshock.

Scott (Po) – Donkey Kong Country 2 Endlessly lovable and replayable. The perfect platformer.

Andrew – Mario Kart(SNES/N64 + forward) – (Diddy Kong Racing was excluded for this one) I am normally one of those people who harps on playing campaign and avoiding multiplayer(don’t get me wrong I play multiplayer I just love campaign first and often) but this is a pure party game. Nothing better than the thrill of firing that spikey shell and watching it pound into the first place lead (or firing three perfectly aimed green shells to dispatch 3 opponents[or getting lightning and running all over your opponents{I could probably do this for forever}]). Racing was fun but Battle Mode was the ultimate test, everyone enters with 3 balloons and only one person gets to leave.  Plenty of fun times were had but most people complained because sometimes if you got hit with 2 shells you would lose 2 balloons and sometimes you would lose 1 but that’s what happens when you race in the high stakes world of the Mushroom Kingdom. 

Alana – SimTower – Where do you start with SimTower? A “Sim” game where you are in charge of building up a tower with commercial and residential blocks to get as many stars as you can. You get to start with floor 1 and build your way upwards and downwards. It’s a game that I’ve played and watched my brother play thousands of times. The replay value of this is off the charts. You can completely customize your “Tower” in whichever way you’d like. However, this will affect your rating, how much money you get, and how popular you become. You have to manage the economy, wait times, cockroaches, and more. Santa Clause will even stop by in the fourth quarter of the year! You could follow certain families in the building as well as restaurants or offices. The excitement of seeing your product grow is palpable as the months continue and the economy kicks off. There’s the need of juggling stress of the people in the tower. I always remember the elevator problems and needing to build more and more to keep the tenants happy. The only sad part is that I can’t get the sound to play anymore because it’s that old. I still don’t think I ever got that 5-star rating.

 Chris – Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. (N64) – The third of four Ken Griffey Jr baseball installments for the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64, this game is my favorite sports game of all time. Although Madden 2004, NBA Live 2001, and RedCard 20-03 round out my final 4 for team sports games (Mario Tennis for individual sports games) I will spoil a part of my list and let you know that no more sports games will appear. I am so story-based that the insane number of hours logged on these and untouchable replay value are simply not enough to get a spot on the list.

Griffey, however, has a special place in my heart. He was and is my favorite baseball player of all time. This game allows you to hit a home run with him at any time after entering a short sequence of buttons. He even calls out the shot. Honestly, I didn’t play much against human opponents, but my brother and I tallied thousands of hours in the franchise mode. What made it so fun was the fantasy draft and the user’s ability to create an all-star team with ease. 
I would reset the draft until I got the first pick, draft Griffey, take some more favorites the next few rounds and create the best team possible. Then, I would draft closers that have high ratings in later rounds and trade them for other players that have high ratings, like Barry Bonds. (He would always go top 5.) After accumulating a dream team, it was time to PLAY BALL! Oh, and no team of time was complete without Heathcliff Slocumb.

That sums up #23 for our video game trust. Do you agree or disagree with our various views? Let us know in the comments below! And as always…stay hungry and fit!