The #7 Greatest Video Game of All Time

Number 7. Hungry and Fit’s favorite number! This is a big one for the Greatest Video Game of All Time countdown.  If you missed the others on our countdown, please check them out: #25, #24,#23,#22,#21,#20#19#18#17#16#15, #14#13#12#11#10, #9, and #8

#7 Greatest Video Game of All Time

Kai – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – One of my favorite RPGs ever, KOTOR and KOTOR II are two of the finest Star Wars games.  They capture the core of Star Wars, making you feel like you’re really living in the space opera’s universe.

It’s a fairly linear RPG, with most of the exposition happening in dialogue and resolved in combat (with force powers, sabers, and blasters).  There’s also card games, pod races, and space travel.  You pick up all kinds of interesting allies along the way who serve as the party members on your adventures.
Perhaps the most innovative component to KOTOR is the dark side/light side aspect.  As you play, the choices you make affect your character’s force attunement, changing how people treat you and the types of force powers you can use.  I never managed to be much of a Sith, but there are real moral choices to be made.
If you’re looking to live in the Star Wars universe for a week, I can’t recommend anything other than KOTOR and KOTOR II.  Their graphics may not be quite up to par, but the story and characters are well-written and well-acted, so it still really holds up today.

Po – Perfect Dark – So many hours spent with cheez doodles, mountain dew, and Laptop Guns. Excellent remake on Xbox360 Arcade, but the classic will forever burn brightly in my heart and mind (it’s Goldeneye 2.0 — you’re a silly caveman if you refuse to acknowledge PD’s superiority).


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Andrew – Dragon Age (series) – Once again, this entry is on here for the story. The gameplay can get pretty glitchy and but the combat has improved since the start of the series (although I think spell selection is probably worse now?). Dragon Age takes a radically different path from Mass Effect in that you play a different title character in each of the 3 games. Each character is famous, or rather becomes famous, and the deeds of the previous character is known to the current one. In Dragon Age 3, you actually even meet your previous character! Nothing much else to say here other than that BioWare has got to keep up the good work and roll out some (real) DLC for the newest installment and get to work on Dragon Age 4.

Ultimately, I have to say that the first game was the best combination of gameplay/characters/story…I feel like the other 2 games since then have been, overall, downhill (larger in scale but smaller in my caring about the way it’s all handled) so hopefully the next one is out of this world!

Fit – Sid Meier’s Civilization Series – A game that’s been with me, quite ironically, through the ages. It’s a big game in our family.  I remember playing Civilization II for hours and hours during the summer with my brother and my cousins. We would normally do hot seat games, in our many “stations,” switching on and off (more rapidly in the beginning part of the game). In this game, you started with a certain Civilization (I always liked to choose randomly, but you can really choose any nation), and started at the beginning of time. With small villages, with “warriors” and “scouts”–the most primitive of units. You could pick which path you wanted to win as you progressed (or decide to have no strategy at all)–diplomacy, conquer, economy, technology, culture, etc. Now, the newer games have really expanded these things, but it all comes to Civilization’s core. 

It’s always a blast meeting other nations, deciding what to do with them, exploring the world, discovering new technology, and growing your civilization into all the ages (to robotics, space, and beyond!). My personal favorite part of the game was the very beginning: exploring the unknown world (watch out for barbarians!) and finding ruins of even farther past civilizations! I love the different characteristics of the nations and trying them all out. Nowadays, my brother and I will play online together. A truly fun game that you can play today in the more recent versions (Beyond Earth is also awesome). 

Hungry – Diablo II – When people ask me what my favorite video game of all time is, I answer X, Y, and Z. Diablo II is usually X and it’s almost always in the discussion when my instincts are involved. After taking more into consideration, it falls on the list due to its lack of character development through the story (the one area, in my opinion, that Diablo III improved on its predecessor) but it still is massively fun, allows for customization, offers great expansion packs, and allowed me to rise to the top of the world ranks before getting deleted by Blizzard in the great purge. Paladin.


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That wraps up #7 Greatest Video Game of All Time. Have you played any of these? Do you like them? Comment below! And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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