The Top 3 Squat Workouts That Tone Your Glutes Fast

Keeping yourself healthy is one thing while keeping your body sexy and firm is another thing. Achieving these goals will really require a lot of hard work and patience. If you really want to get that sexy and healthy body, then simple workout routines won’t do the magic. You will have to target specific parts of your body and their muscles, while slowly toning and firming them. Luckily, with this write-up, you won’t have to worry about toning the gluteus maximus muscles of your butt as we will provide you with the 3 best squat exercises for you.

All of those who already go to the gym know that squat routines are the best workout exercises to train thighs and butts and make the muscles firmer. It is also the simplest and easiest workout routine to learn. With many variations developed throughout the years, squats have truly been proven and tested as the best routine for our glutes.

With the 3 squat workouts that will be explained below, you will be able to focus on the training and toning of your glutes.

Hindu Squats

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Hindu squats are not like the conventional and standard squats, although it is still considered as a squat workout routine. Ordinary squats have your upper legs and butt bending backward to a sitting in the air position. It is best described as having the upper legs and lower legs in an L position. On the other hand, Hindu squats are done with the full bending of the butt to almost reaching the floor with both hands reaching the Achilles heel and then quickly standing up. It is a very effective way of training your glutes and thighs while also targeting the flexibility of your muscles.

It is done by standing straight, arms forward with the feet apart by at least half a foot. The routine starts by lowering your body to the fullest squat you possibly can while simultaneously touching the Achilles heel with your hands. After which, stand up quickly and assume the first position with arms forward, then repeat. It is recommended to have at least 20 reps for this routine

Chair Pose

While it may seem simple, the chair pose is actually a yoga-inspired routine. Therefore, it can also be a form of meditation. It is great for building stamina and strengthening endurance while training and forming those inner thigh muscles. The pose starts by standing straight with both feet together facing forward. You then push your hips back and squat in a sitting position. Then, try to squeeze your knees together and lift your arms into a V position pointing upwards. You keep this position for at least half a minute and then return to the first position. Recommended number of reps is 5.

Sumo Squats


If you haven’t noticed, sumo wrestlers have the strongest lower bodies in the entire sports industry. For them to defend their position and push their opponents away, lower body strength is needed. Thus, squats are regular in their workout routines. This sumo squat routine specifically targets your inner things which can greatly help in the sculpting of your glutes. You can hold a dumbbell or a medicine ball or any equipment that can be carried to add weight in the center of your body. The first step is to stand with both feet more than a hip-width apart. You then start by slowly squatting as low as you can with the heels firm on the ground and your back straightened up. You then end the rep by assuming the first position. Recommended reps is 15.

With these 3 workout exercises that can be simply done even in your room, you can enjoy those firm and well-sculpted glutes in no time. Keep trying hard and always focus on your goals to stay hungry and fit!

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