8 Quick Breakfast Ideas

Lately, people have been asking what are good ideas for a quick breakfast. You know–we’re all scrambling to get ourselves together in the morning while not being embarrassingly late to work (though you should have a good morning). Everyone would love to make a fancy, deluxe breakfast every morning, but sometimes, it just isn’t possible. Still, even if you’re looking for quick, that doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice on nutrition. Don’t worry, we understand, and–better yet–we agree! So, we wanted to provide a list to you of healthy quick breakfast ideas. How sweet is that?!

1. Porridge: plain and simple. You can find the ingredients for porridge fairly easily at your neighborhood market. Trader Joe’s has a great one, that takes less than 7 minutes to make. Serve with milk and maple syrup or honey. Perfect for cold mornings. 


2. Oat Rounds: bake these the night before and have them for the week. A perfect supplement or small breakfast and great snacks throughout the week. 


3. Cheese on toast (+ optional yogurt): you will see a theme with some of my quick breakfasts–they have to do with cheese and toast. This comes from having a kiwi mother. The combination of cheese and toast gives you a good carb + fat + protein start to the day! Just toast the bread, grate some cheese, and put into a toaster oven for a few minutes. Throw some yogurt in there and you will kick the crap out of the day ahead of you!

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4. Pizza crackers/Pizza toast: What did I tell you? There’s a theme! For this one, all you do is add some red sauce of some sort (we use Trader Joe’s marinara) on the toast and then melt the cheese on top. Another under ten minute breakfast that will serve your body well.

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5. Oatmeal with peanut butter: there’s not much more satisfying of making your oatmeal then sticking a huge spoon of peanut butter into it. Cook some good oatmeal, stir in cinnamon and honey, and then go for the motherlode: crunchy peanut butter. The combination is thrilling and the nutrition can’t be beat.

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6. Cheesy avocado omelette: this one takes a little bit more time, but not much. Whisk together some eggs (depending on how many people you want to feed) in a glass and cook in a pan, grate some cheese, throw it in there, then put any vegetables: we choose tomato and avocado to mix into your omelette. This is some serious breakfast food. 


7. Egg and tomato on toast: the toast strikes again! Probably one of my most frequent go-to’s: toast some bread, chop and cook a tomato in a pan, cook an egg (I go over-easy), and put it all on top of the toast. With the yolk dripping into the buttered toast–mmmm. 


8. Grape-Nuts: this is for the ultimate “quickie.” With at least 5g protein per serving, Grape-Nuts gives you a great value for your time in the morning (we even have it as an evening snack!). Have it with almond milk or regular milk, the texture, flavor, and nutrition of Grape-Nuts is really hard to beat. It has also been a really great breakfast for these Springtime mornings. 


Not a bad list, eh? I’m betting you can find at least one keeper from this list of quick breakfast ideas. I’m getting hungry just writing about them! Remember to never skimp out on your health, even if you’re making a quick meal! Don’t turn to the dark side! Oh! And most importantly, don’t forget your cup of tea alongside any of these eight options. And as always, stay hungry and fit!



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  1. danicaliforniacooks

    May 16, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    I love grape nuts!! Such a classic.