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H&F Shorts on YouTube

We recently mentioned that we’d be stepping up our YouTube game (again!) and this time (with the help of Iron Fortitude’s Juan), we’re  actually off to a good start. We set a goal to release four videos this month and if you follow this link, then you’ll see we already have 3. Obviously, if you watched those, they’re only 15 seconds each since they’re just “shorts,” but we plan on using these to promote longer videos and to get everyone just a little more excited about it. 

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New on YouTube

We’ve been doing a lot on YouTube lately. Or, rather, Hungry has been putting a ton of work into it! We’ve done some together, but at the moment, it’s mostly Hungry rocking the camera. Did you even know we had a YouTube channel?! The topics range from swimming tips to food to fitness talks and more! Take a look at some below:

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