New Exciting Projects for Hungry & Fit

When team Hungry & Fit officially started back in 2012, we had no idea what would happen. It could have failed after a month but we’ve stuck with it, thanks to our amazing followers. We’ve had our successes and failures, but we’ve kept pushing forward because we want to be good role models for all of you. Living a happy and healthy lifestyle, after all, is a challenge and you’re faced with endless forks in the road, dead ends, and other hazards.

We might play a lot of video and computer games, but when it comes to social media and technology, we’re not as skilled as we are in our physical and outdoor endeavors. Recently, we’ve started working with Juan Esguerra, who goes by the moniker Iron Fortitude. Juan is a fitness enthusiast and aspiring professional who is highly skilled in photography, videography, and editing. Juan was excited at the idea of becoming a part of team Hungry & Fit.

If you’ve seen our YouTube, you’d know that it doesn’t get as much TLC as our blog or other social media outlets. The videos aren’t edited, the sound isn’t clear, and it’s a bit of a mess. Expect some major changes and some exciting things to come with Juan behind the lens. His passion, experience, vision and skill will help us put together videos that are going to help you better understand and visualize a lot of what we discuss on the blog. 

Every time we put a recipe together, Fit will show you how to properly take the steps necessary to get the right result. Every time we put a workout together, Hungry will show you how to perform every exercise without risk of injury. You’ll see vlogs of our daily life to show you that life can be fun and you can stay healthy without giving up all the food you love to eat and spending hours in the gym, because it is totally possible. 

We’ve already shot some videos and we’re working on more with tons of fun and exciting plans. I hope we stay on top of this because it’s going to be a great resource for you. So hold us accountable, send us requests for how to videos, and make sure we don’t slack on this one. Hungry and Fit and Iron Fortitude are working together to bring you some of the best the industry can offer, always with a smile on our face, and never too serious! Stay hungry and fit!

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  1. danicaliforniacooks

    March 8, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    Looking forward to it! 🙂

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