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Fresh Avocado Tomato Salad

With Spring here and it feeling like Summer in California, the desire for fresh food comes forth. Raw, fresh food but certainly not lacking flavor. So it was, a Saturday night, hanging with my brother and his girlfriend, Sophie. Sophie is an excellent cook and has a lot of experience doing so. She was going to make us tacos–perfectly cooked steak for everyone and wild-caught fish for me. I was all in. Growing up in California, tacos become your soul food. Along with tacos, come the necessity of the avocado in one’s life. Rich with delicious healthy fat and the creaminess to save any dish, I was ready to be her sous chef and make the side dish–fresh Avocado & Tomato salad. 

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Reasons to Be Excited for Spring

Yes! Spring is here! Although not all states in the country feel this way, fear not, for you know that it is at least on its way, even if it is lagging. Here are a few reasons WE are excited for Spring…

Enjoying some Spring weather after a run

Enjoying some Spring weather after a run

  • Warmer weather (definitely more me than Hungry)
  • Pretty flowers
  • Gardening and planting at our YMCA farm
  • Outside runs
  • Outside playground workouts
  • Obstacle Races (Spartan Sprint, here we come!)
  • Swimming outside
  • Hiking 
  • BBQ pool parties
  • Family visiting (YAY!!)
  • First time camping 
  • Humane Society of Boulder Valley Gala
  • Sunbathing
  • Farmer’s Market 
  • Longer walks

And those are just a few! Cheers for Spring! Use this season to stay hungry and fit!

My pretty Mum at a Spring wedding...

My pretty Mum at a Spring wedding…

  • Question of the Day: Why are YOU excited for Spring?




Welcoming Spring

Hello springtime, or should I say, I can’t wait for you to come. I still haven’t gotten used to this Colorado weather, and I never really want to. Freezing cold one morning, and hot and sunny a few hours later. Then repeat something similar every day. It just makes it hard to dress efficiently but we have to deal with it. Friday, it was nearly 80 degrees, or felt that way with the sun. We went out at night and I wore shorts and a t-shirt. This morning it was 20 degrees. Not fun.

Alana was so excited to wear a dress on that Friday

Alana was so excited to wear a dress on that Friday

But with all that aside let’s think about what we can look forward to Spring 2013. In our last last post we talked about May’s awesome movie lineup. Also, my favorite… spring cleaning. Make sure you get rid of anything you don’t need. If you see something that you haven’t worn since last spring, you should probably donate it unless it’s very special to you. For every five things I donate, I’ll buy myself one thing. It is my way of downsizing efficiently.

Also we have Easter coming up, which means egg hunts and baskets. But in all honesty, try to take advantage of this season. Now is the time to start getting into shape for summer. Anyone who has been bulking should think about cutting soon. Otherwise, just do some physical activity. A little something can go a long way. This is the season to save your pennies for the summer and holiday season. I don’t have much to say about it, just hope for good weather and take advantage of your time!

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Stay hungry and fit!