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Connie & Ted’s: LA Restaurant Review

Second stop on our 2018 “Must Visit Before We Move Out of LA” Food Tour (last stop was Sqirl and next week is… well, we’re not sure yet, but we’re going to have a nice, romantic meal at The Ponte on Valentine’s Day) is Connie & Ted’s. Connie & Ted’s is a restaurant based on a New England love story featuring, well, Connie & Ted who are this restaurant owner’s grandparents. When you think New England, you perhaps think lobster or clam chowder or some kind of seafood–and that’s what Connie & Ted’s is all about! The restaurant is huge with plenty of staff and it is everything seafood. Obviously, expectations are high based on their reputation, perennial presence on Mr. Gold’s 101 Best List, etc. 

connie & ted's
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The Crustacean: Restaurant Review

Can we just avoid writing any words and let you eat with your eyes for a moment? As you can tell from all the pictures below, the food here is beautiful and a considerable amount of extra time is spent on presentation, which we appreciate, because it’s a testament to their high standards. The elephant in the room is that The Crustacean, owned and operated by the House of An from Vietnam, is a little on the expensive side, impossible to get a reservation, and requires you to dress up like you’re heading to a wedding, right? Wrong and none of these are necessarily true. 

While you can’t walk in off the streets on a Friday night wearing sandals and a fitted cap, expecting to be seated quickly and fill your stomach with a $10 bill, The Crustacean is a lot more than a “fancy restaurant” in the heart of Beverly Hills. Its atmosphere can be magical with the elaborate indoor setup that makes you feel like you’re in the Vietnamese equivalent of a castle grand dining hall. As the host walks you through the entry into the two-level main room, passing over bridges made from beautiful wood, it’s impossible to ignore the glass-covered river underneath the floor filled with large koi. You’ve been successfully transported into a different part of the world and then you eat.

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Healthier Fish and Chips

I say healthier because fried fish and chips are to some degree “unhealthy” due to the oil. However, I did not use as much oil as calls for in most recipes and I did not beer-batter the fish or the fries either. So you don’t have to feel too bad eating this, it’s good fresh fish, with a light crust, and sweet potato fries instead of regular potatoes.



You may be surprised to hear that growing up (in Southern California, no less), I didn’t like seafood. With the exception of fried calamari, but what kid doesn’t like that. The only real fish I would eat were fish & chips from Jack n the Box. It was mum and I’s go-to quick meal if it were just the two of us. And not only was that the only fish I would eat, but the only way I would eat them is literally to put them in a pool of malted vinegar. I am not exaggerating, my family can testify–a pool. Completely saturated. And I would eat it. Jeez, looking back, I wonder how much malted vinegar we went through because of me.

Anyways, now that I’m a weirdatarian (only eat hunted or wild caught meat/fish), I eat lots of fish now because it’s much  more common to get wild caught fish than hunted game in a restaurant or the grocery. So here I am, cooking up some wild cod and sweet potato fries for dinner. I got the recipe from this lovely blog and altered it to fit me. Instead of tartar sauce, we used ketchup and salsa (yes, we’re strange).

  • Prep Time: 15-25 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Serves: 2 people


  •  1/2 pound wild cod
  • 1 huge white sweet potato
  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup panko bread crumbs
  • 1 tsp old bay
  • salt & pepper 
  • olive oil


  • Cut sweet potato into 1/4 inch thick long pieces

photo 2 (6)

  • Put sweet potato slices into a bowl of cold water and leave them there while you work on the fish

photo 3 (5)

  • Get three plate-bowls (or pie dishes) ready. Put the flour in one, the eggs in one, and the panko in the last. Beat the eggs with a fork.

photo 4 (4)

  • Slice your fish into a few inch cuts
  • Cover all sides of fish with flour. Shake any excess flour off and move to the egg. Make sure you get it soaked on each side. Finally, completely cover and bread the fish with the panko
Ready to be cooked

Ready to be cooked

  • Lay out the fries and dry them from the water. Season with salt, pepper, and old bay.
  • Heat up oil in a deep straight-edged pot. Make sure there is 1-2 inches of oil in the pot.
  • Get the oil so it’s hot and sizzling. Drop the fries in the oil and let it fry. Cook for about 4-8 minutes, until golden brown.
  • photo 1 (9)Lay out the fries. Pick up your fish and place it in the hot oil. This only takes 4 minutes. You want to turn the fish as each side gets browned.

And that’s it! We had a beautiful salad (that Chris made) with spinach, red cabbage, carrots, feta, and more to go with the fish and chips. The longest part about this process is cutting the sweet potato and even that doesn’t take long. So grab some fresh-caught fish and fry it up! Enjoy!







Sajah ninja-attack

Sajah ninja-attack