LA’s Must-Visit Restaurants of 2018

As we wrap up the last weekend of the first month in the year, we consider what else does 2018 have in store for us? Well, how about you switch roles, sit in the driver’s seat and ask yourself, what do we have in store for 2018? You’ve followed us on our move from New York City to Boulder, Colorado. (That road-trip, with a long stop in Mason City, Iowa, is when we started this blog!) After two years of eating all the delicious food in Boulder, we packed the animals in the car and headed to Los Angeles.

While we’ve been in LA for about three and a half years, we realized that there are so many top-notch restaurants that we haven’t been to yet! With a move coming up at the end of the year, we decided to show some restraint, avoid going back to our favorite eateries for the 10th time and make an epic list of LA’s must-visit restaurants of 2018! Every week of 2018, we’re going to try one new restaurant on the list, try to take some amazing photos for you (if the lighting is right) and review our experience there! 


So, who made the list, or rather, how did we make the list? As food bloggers and consumers of copious calories, we follow some of the best sources of food news. Whether it was jaw-dropping and drool-inducing pics from our favorite chefs on their Instagram, executive chefs that competed on Food Network shows such as Chopped or annual appearances from Jonathan Gold’s 101, there was plenty of influence. Unfortunately, we’re not going to give you commentary on each restaurant, but the list is here!

LA’s Must-Visit Restaurants of 2018

The Ponte
Meals by Genet
Connie & Ted’s
Combo A Echo Park
Divison 3
Holy Roly Ice Cream
Petty Cash
Mh Zh
Jon & Vinny’s
Scopa Italian Roots
Casa Ado
Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop
Charcoal Venice
Water Grill

Let us know if you’ve been to any of these or if your favorite restaurants in LA aren’t on this list so we can let you know if we’ve been to them yet! We’re always searching and we actually left a few spots open on the calendar for late entries. The list-making process was fun and we hope none of these go out of business before we make it to them! (One on the original list is no longer open…) We’re starting TODAY at Sqirl


Thanks to Jonathan Gold, Maneet Chauhan, Simon Majumdar, Alton Brown, Jet Tila, Bobby Flay, Scott Conant, Guy Fieri and Chef’s Table for the recommendations. Actually, we’ll wait until after our meal to thank you! And as always, stay hungry and fit!