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The Top 10 Workout Songs of 2016

Please enjoy a guest post from our friends at RunHundred.com.

The most consistently striking aspect of this year’s top workout songs is their consistently slower tempos. For many folks, “workout music” is interchangeable with “club music.” To that end, it’s natural that—as club music’s emphasis has transitioned from high energy beats to almost tropical grooves—workout music would follow suit. As evidence, consider the fact that the average beats per minute (BPM) of this year’s list is 113 BPM relative to last year’s average of 132 BPM.

This trend isn’t bad news per se. People haven’t stopped exercising. Moreover, if songs that wouldn’t have been considered workout music five years ago are getting folks inspired now, the rest is irrelevant. Accordingly, at the far end of this spectrum, you’ll find spirited singles with double digit BPMs from Pink and Sia. Moreover, the single most popular song in the gym this year—Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” hits the year’s average BPM exactly.

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The Top 10 Workout Songs for July 2016

Please enjoy a post from our friends at Run Hundred.

The artists behind this month’s top workout tunes could easily pass for the lineup of a great, summer music festival. Kicking off the day, you’d find upstarts like Shawn Mendes and crossover favorites like Tegan & Sara. Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood could headline the country stage. Meanwhile, club acts like Sigala and The Chainsmokers supply beats in the dance tent.

Other noteworthy tracks this month include a Coldplay remix from Seeb (who turned Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” into an unlikely hit). Adele makes an appearance with any unusually jaunty cut from her most recent album. Finally, Elle King turns up with a track from the Ghostbusters reboot. If any of these options strikes your fancy, here’s the full top 10 list—according to the votes logged on workout music site Run Hundred.

IMG_6202 (1)
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H&F’s Friends: The Swim School of Boulder

We are happy to announce a new page on the site that contains businesses and individuals and entities that we consider our friends. These friends are all ethically operated and are some of our go to options for personal needs and referrals to others. All of these businesses are locally based and meet a high standard that we require in order to show our support in public. The first partner to be introduced is The Swim School of Boulder.

The Swim School of Boulder is located at 3015 Bluff Street in none other than sunny Boulder, Colorado. It operates Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. offering classes for nearly everyone. The only exception is infants younger than six months. Children and adults of all ages and levels have options for instructional swim. Additionally, since the school is operated through Ocean First Divers, ample opportunities exist for learning how to snorkel and scuba dive as well.

The Swim School of Boulder uses the Swim Schools International standards for instructing. That means that every teacher is fully certified, insured and experienced in not only teaching proper technique but also dealing with all populations. Here is a fun fact… level 1 certified instructors are also official Special Olympics Aquatic Coaches. Swim Schools International put together a very good program to cater to all swimmers. It balances safety and technique but its greatest accomplishment is having a continuous open enrollment with no limitations for a swimmer to move to the next level. This means that the consumer is not paying money for their child to practice skills that they have mastered. The same goes for the adult levels. This must be a nightmare for the school’s staff but it is the best possible situation for the customer.

What I appreciate the most about The Swim School of Boulder is their own high standards that seem to exceed Swim Schools International. From my experience, I know that if you go to a recreation center or larger facility you often have many instructors working one or two hours a week. This allows them to pay their staff less and be able to cope with absences. This also means that you have many employees that are not trained, skilled, or passionate. Often you will find high schools coming in after school once a week to work with the swimmers. This might not always be an issue but the consistency is questionable. At The Swim School of Boulder every teacher is a former NCAA swimmer (Division 1, 2 or Club) or highly successful triathlete… or both. Not that I have anything against people who do not have college degrees, but every teacher here has graduated and is capable of putting their time and effort into teaching everyone how to swim. This business entity, whether it is on the diving or swimming side, was created and is driven by the passion of the people working there.

Now we will allow you to find out more for yourself by visiting www.swimschoolboulder.com. Their commitment to preserving the environment, teaching everyone lifesaving skills and supporting local businesses are just a few of reasons why Hungry & Fit are proud to announce The Swim School of Boulder as one of their friends. We recommend The Swim School of Boulder and Ocean First Divers for all instructional aquatic needs in the Boulder area. Stop by their shop and get in the water if you want to stay hungry and fit!

Give Your Body [SPECIFIC] Love

Weird title, right? For me, love has a lot to do with health, especially when it comes to one’s body. And it’s very important to love your body. And a way I do that is giving it great workouts. Why do I say specific love? Let me tell you.

A lot of people who aren’t really into fitness or go to the gym as a chore, typically do total-body workouts. Meaning that they will try to work each part of their body (from back to chest to legs, etc.) in one workout. And if you do that workout properly and hard enough, each and every muscle group will be sore.

So I have a question. What are you going to workout the next day if all body parts are sore?

Which is why I say SPECIFIC! You don’t have to be a meat head, a fitness buff, or even in shape to split workouts up properly. You’ll be amazed at how much more effective each workout will be. Usually spend 45 minutes on a total body? Imagine 45 minutes spent just on your legs. Now there’s some defined calves.

And specific doesn’t necessarily mean one muscle group each workout, it could mean two or even more. Usually, we split our workouts into two muscle groups each. For example, yesterday we did back and biceps. Another day we would do chest and triceps. Another day? Shoulders and forearms. Legs we usually keep by itself because there are several large muscles to work (calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, etc.) And so on and so forth. I think you’re getting it. If you want, you can even split it into upper body and lower body workout days. But that will only work if you’re only working out 3 or so days of the week.

By the next day, you’re going to be sore in whatever you worked out. And by the second day after, you should be even more sore. But soreness to me equals happiness, because I know that muscle group is getting stronger. I’ll keep using us as an example. So we worked our back and biceps last night (great workout by the way), which are going to be sore today and tomorrow. Thus, tonight we will most likely work out chest and triceps, core, or something else.

There are so many pros to this way of working out and a very slim amount of cons. The specific muscle groups will get stronger by isolating them, they will develop more quickly, gain endurance, and toning. You will not have all body parts feeling sore and tired thus preventing a good workout.

You have the ability to isolate your workouts. Do it! I hope you can now understand how much better it is. AND it also makes it easier to plan out your workouts, thus making it easier for you to actually workout. I find it’s always easier to follow a workout plan (even if I’m feeling meh that day), because it’s written down what I’m going to do. Trust me, just try it.

Tell us which muscle group is your favorite to workout!