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Exercise Spotlight: Standing Dumbbell Curl

So in addition to doing more videos and projects, we will also be bringing you new types of posts! Introducing Exercise Spotlight and Food Spotlight! These will be to-the-point posts where we focus on a certain exercise or certain food item to showcase its value. We believe a key to staying hungry and fit is constantly expanding your repertoire of knowledge and sharpening what you already know. We’re starting off with a fairly simple exercise: the dumbbell curl.

IMG_3798 (1)
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Why Women Should Lift

As you may know, we here at Hungry & Fit are strong proponents of lifting to get in shape and build confidence. Women especially lack the desire or knowledge to lift. We want to be a part of the movement to change that! We’ve partnered with our friends at TrainedTo to show you this epic infographic of WHY women should lift! Can I get hoo-rah?! Lift to stay hungry and fit!

Why Women Should Lift Weights - 5 Myths Busted
Source: Why Women Should Lift Weights – 5 Myths Busted

The Truth About Women’s Weightlifting

When I train females, I always hear about their fear of getting “bulky.” It’s a real concern of a lot of women and I want to tell them to stop. Lifting weights and getting muscles doesn’t make you bulky–it makes you strong and it gives you definition. For too long, the fear of “getting bulky” has stopped women from lifting weights, leading them to only do cardio. There is nothing more empowering than lifting weights and feeling strong. Here I go with another infographic from ChuzeFitness.

Truth about women's weightlifting infographic

So I want to ask the female audience a question.

*If you do lift, why do you lift?

*If you don’t lift, why don’t you?

And as always, stay hungry and fit!

#Workout Plan for the Week

Chris and I decided to do a different-styled post that may recur every week. Instead of informative posts, we decided to create a post outlining our workout plan for the week. This is for a few reasons: one, because it will keep us on track and give us less excuse to skip and two, hopefully it will encourage and motivate readers! I used to plan workouts for myself and a few of my friends throughout college. I would write it up every Sunday and email it out–and we definitely got them done and loved it. I encourage you to write one for yourself! Now this is very flexible and could change based on how sore muscles are.


photo 1 (31)


  • Monday: Back 2 – 60 minutes, focusing on mid-back size and lower back strength, HEAVY caloric intake
  • Tuesday: Legs 2 – 75 minutes, focusing on strength in hips, glutes, and hamstrings, 400 yard easy swim, Heavy caloric intake
  • Wednesday: Arms 2 – 65 minutes, focusing on hypertrophy in the brachialis, strengthening wrists and forearms, working relative strength through weighted dips and chin-ups, 400 yard easy swim, moderate caloric intake
  • Thursday: Shoulders 2 – 70 minutes, focusing on strength in traps and size in front delts, 400 yard easy swim, moderate caloric intake
  • Friday: Core 1 – 60 minutes, focusing on flexibility in core region, strengthening lower abdominals, and planks, full court basketball for “cardio,” moderately high caloric intake
  • Saturday: Chest 3 – 60 minutes, focusing on hypertrophy in the upper through lower inner chest, strength with dumbbells on the incline, frisbee golf,  high caloric intake
  • Sunday: Back 3 – 60 minutes, focusing mainly on rack pulls and deadlifts for strength, ping pong, high caloric intake


Looking small...>.>

Looking small…>.>


  • Monday: Run (2 miles) + Legs
  • Tuesday: Run (2 miles) + Arms and Shoulders
  • WednesdaySwim + Core and Back
  • Thursday: Total-body Circuit Training + optional Elliptical
  • FridayRun + Yoga (OR REST)
  • SaturdaySwim + Chest (and frisbee golf!)
  • SundayElliptical + Legs (and ping pong!)

So that’s the plan, and I truly emphasize plan. It most likely will not all fall into that exact order at all depending on soreness, tiredness, and time. I’m looking forward to planning ahead and seeing how this week takes us. Time to shred up 2014! Create a workout plan to stay hungry and fit!

  • Question of the Day: What is your workout plan for the week? Anything from lifting to walking to dancing!


Sajah drunk with sleepiness

Sajah drunk with sleepiness

Intro to Power Bodybuilding

A few months ago, we tried introducing you to the Barstarzz, street workouts, and their body-weight exercises that can be performed in any neighborhood park. Ever since I saw that first Hannibal for King video in a New York City Subway, I was amazed by his relative strength and how he could manage his own weight so well. It was far more impressive than what most people can do in the gym, whether they are bodybuilders, powerlifters, crossfitters, triathletes, etc. Ever since that time, I’ve used their workouts a bit more in my own workouts to perform muscle ups (without kipping) and the human flag. It is a very practical strength.

photo (24)

Now, it is time to take a whole new approach to staying in shape and introduce you to power bodybuilding and its founder, Mike O’Hearn. There is a good chance that you’ve seen him somewhere but just didn’t know who he is or what he does. I’m not going to tell you his whole life story or what I know of it because this is about power bodybuilding but there is a chance I’ll talk more about him in the future. We will be in Los Angeles next week so maybe I’ll go to The Mecca at 4 a.m. and see him there. Before we get started, I support power bodybuilding because I sort of it did it without knowing it was actually real. I almost never isolate abs, never hit the treadmill/bike/elliptical, and do tons of power lifts, so it was somewhat similar.

Here is my understanding of it and a brief introduction to power bodybuilding. As you might be able to tell, it is part bodybuilding and part power lifting. Essentially, through exercises from both worlds you maximize your strength while keeping a low body fat percentage and a physique that you enjoy looking at in the mirror. Mike, a 4 time NATURAL Mr Universe, does not “do cardio or abs.” I get a lot of questions about those two. “Cardio” is often used as a means of burning calories to burn fat. People prefer to do it on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical because it is easy to calculate the number of calories you burn. Many individuals also focus on isolating their core because they know you need to strengthen and build your abdominal muscles so once you burn the fat necessary, your “abs” become more visible.

photo 1 (30)

Power bodybuilding accomplishes both of these DURING your session lifting weights. In theory, if you are putting %100 percent into heavy squats, deadlifts, bench presses, shoulder presses, etc, you are burning massive amounts of calories. You could be more out of breath and have a higher heart rate than when you hit the treadmill. Also, you need to keep your whole CORE tight and engaged during these fairly complex lifts. You want a neutral back and tight core during many “power” lifts. Essentially, during a one hour power bodybuilding workout session you can accomplish multiple training goals, which makes this a very efficient way of training.

photo 2 (28)

Now, Mike didn’t get on the cover of hundreds of magazines without focusing on all his body parts. He is an expert in the industry with one of the most impressive lists of accomplishments. He also isolates his arms, lives an active overall lifestyle, and does everything he needs to be cover model ready. He does it all naturally as well. Find me someone else that has that impressive a physique and that much strength without using performance enhancing drugs. And for anyone that doubts him being natural, you should trust what good people say and also look at the development of his body. I would never want to look like a professional bodybuilder or even physique competitor in the professional ranks. Too much size, lack of function and also far too vascular. But that’s just me, I find Mike’s physique set on the frame of a taller guy to be more aesthetically appealing. These were my words, I have never even spoken to Mike, but this is how I explain power bodybuilding to anyone interested in taking a new approach to building strength and burning fat. In the end, check out some of the links below and consider following his advice to reach some of your goals. (Hopefully I get to meet him next week at Gold’s Venice! He’s also a huge dog lover and motivator! Mike O’Hearn and power bodybuilding are Hungry&Fit approved!)

photo 3 (19)

Mike’s website: http://www.mikeohearn.com/tag/power-bodybuilding/

Mike’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mikeohearnvideos

Mike’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/mikeohearn


Sajah is a stud

Sajah is a stud

How to Battle Weight Room Intimidation

We’ve all been there. When you enter the weight room and feel like a puny little thing in the corner, scared to enter this different realm. But there is a way to get from point A to point B, I promise. I was once there, nervous to enter that scary place filled with a bunch of grunting males. But I got out of that phase (obviously) and now I feel completely natural in the weight room. I don’t even notice a difference between cardio and weight rooms for me because that “status” it once held is completely gone. I feel calm and comfortable in there. Follow these steps and you can too.

photo 3 (17)

1. Bring a weight room friend. If you really want to broach into this awesome place where epic gains can exist, then it’s good to start with someone who’s already been. Someone who has already been down this path you are now taking and has that comfort that you want when stepping into the weight room. A friend always helps. That way you guys can get into your routine together and talk to one another without noticing the other people who tend to stare.

2. Pump up your jams. Part of this is distracting you from your anxiety of where you are. Make yourself a playlist that you can rock out to, turn it up really loud, and get to your exercise. Make sure you’re really in the music and before you know it, you’ve already spent half an hour in a place you formerly feared.

photo 4 (18)

3. Have a plan. Have your ideal workout already written down and take it with you (either in a workout journal or your phone) into the weight room. This way there are no awkward pauses in your workout and you can stay steadily focused on what you want to accomplish. Then you won’t even notice everyone around you.

4. Let it all out. A big part of why people are uncomfortable to enter weight rooms is the noise. There’s a lot of plate clanging, grunts, and shouts. Put your all into your workout and you may find a grunt or two escaping your mouth too! Don’t be shy, if you need to grunt to get that weight up, do it! And you will fit in even more so, too. Act like a natural 😉

photo 2 (26)

5. Ignore them. People are going to stare at you. That’s what happens in weight rooms when people rest between sets. That doesn’t mean they’re judging you, people just like to see what others are doing. Some even look at others to learn from them. Don’t let this add to your anxiety. People staring is normal. 

6. Put on your serious face. This is a big one for me since I’m a trainer at a gym. If I don’t go into serious mode, I will be stopped left and right. However, for you, it’s important to do this so everyone stays out of your way. They can tell that you’re here to do business, not fool around. A big plus in the weight room.

photo 1 (28)

7. Just do it. Decide one day that you are going to try it. Even if it’s just for a set of curls. Go in there with the heavy-weights (or not so much as it later turns out) and lift! Put in perspective: if you start going now, those nerves will wear down within weeks at the most!

There are some tips from us to you so that you can enter that weight room and get strong. So you don’t have to have any anxiety or nerves about stepping into that zone and beginning another fitness journey. That’s what it’s all about. Battle weight room intimidation to stay hungry and fit! 


Sajah and Nymeria scoping out our snake, Dovah

Sajah and Nymeria scoping out our snake, Dovah

Gym Reviews: Ironhouse Gym (Mason City, IA)

This product is a result of the work of the worker and not the place they are working. A true talent can create without any tools or resources because they make everything work by themselves. But some nice equipment and a great working environment can really help maximize those results sometimes! In Northern Iowa, about two hours from Des Moines and Minneapolis, lies Mason City, the home of the Music Man. It’s a large town with a small population but it has one of the best gyms in the country that no one knows about. Welcome to Ironhouse Gym.

Outside of the building

Outside of the building

It is what you would expect due to the name. A small building made of sheet metal that absorbs the extreme temperatures and weather conditions of Northern Iowa, but you would never know that while inside because of the great temperature control. I’m not one who cares how hot or cold it is where I workout but it’s nice for other people who have those needs. Another major perk is that the facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re a member and you have a keycard, then you can key in whenever you want. This is the kind of place I would love to have to myself at 2:00 a.m. although all of our workouts were mid-morning. The three days we were there it certainly wasn’t busy during those normally peak times, but it wasn’t empty either. All kinds of people were working out, but no one that unnecessarily threw weights and stacks around. They actually are pretty strict with behavior, which I can appreciate. If you’re deadlifting twice your body weight and need to drop it, okay I get it. Lately however, guys at our gym in Boulder (big guys) have been tossing the 35s on flat chest press like they were lifting 140s. Oh well.

photo 3 (16)

Speaking of equipment, Ironhouse has it all. I don’t want to tell you what they have because it’s like a spoiler in a good story. However, I will say that the dumbbells do not go very heavy. I think the heaviest were in the 120-140 lb range. I would expect up to 200 in such a great place but that’s fine! There are plenty of other ways to get your heavy lift on here. Full and half racks, roman chairs, captain chairs, wide chest press, elevated stand for back exercises, standing shrug machine, tons of plate loaded stuff, lots of cable and stack based machines, every bench you need, places for pullups and dips, tons of cardio equipment, and more and more and more.

photo (4)

I was like a kid in a candy shop. I wanted to do something on every machine because no place in Boulder has anything like this. The only gym I have found in Colorado that can compare so far is Armbrust Pro Gym where Phil Heath trains. The amount of cable based machines with stacks is ridiculous. They have nearly 5 machines just for triceps in that section alone. It’s absurd and everything is this bright firehouse red, which is awesome. I want to go back!

photo (1)

The dressing rooms are modest and the lockers are on the floor. There are no showers but who needs those anyway. There is also a supplement and apparel store attached to the gym that is open during normal business hours. They have great deals on great supplements and I bought this awesome tank the second that I saw it. They also have an honor-based mini-store in the gym itself for when the store is closed. If you need a pre, intra, or post workout you can grab it out of the mini-fridge and throw some cash in the cash box if you’re an honest man or woman. You can buy belts, lifting straps and other gear too if you need it. They have everything you NEED and a ton of stuff you WANT.

photo (6)

We did a push day, lower body day, and a pull day while we were there and it was a blast. Check out the website or leave a comment if you have any questions but if you need the best gym in Northern Iowa and maybe even a greater area around that, Ironhouse Gym in Mason City, Iowa is your place. Bring one to Boulder! Bring one everywhere! Very nice employees, awesome facilities, great products, and the best equipment makes Ironhouse Gym an easy place to help you stay hungry and fit!

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