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Going to a Fitness Expo (LA Fit Expo 2017)

Every year, our experience at the Los Angeles Fit Expo (and IHRSA… and IDEA…) is different. It’s reflective of what is going on in the fitness industry. Some years, you’ll see more drastic changes in the landscape based on what’s popular with different health and wellness trends. There are also always dozens of booths that represent brand new companies. The world of fitness is so interesting because you generally have very passionate people who are involved for two reasons. 

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Big News in the Fitness Industry

I know, I know… this is old news. I started writing this on January 22nd when I heard that the parent company to Life Fitness was acquiring Cybex as well. It was a big shock because I’m close with the West Coast reps for both of those companies and we’ve been working on outfitting the new facility we’re building with enough equipment to fill a 7,000 square foot strength training and cardio area. I thought… this might have some serious implications.

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LA Fit Expo 2016: What to Expect

As the LA Fit Expo is in just a few days and the Evolution Fitness Conference comes with it, tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts and hundreds of fitness professionals will be walking through the doors of the convention center. The energy as high as everyone aims to meet their favorite social media celebrities, grab a picture to post online, and pick up some free shirt and supplement samples. It’s like a feeding frenzy but the positivity in the room is outstanding

Organizations including POUND and many others take the stage to demo their newest and most challenging group training formats while vendors show off their most advanced products to date. It isn’t quite the same as IDEA, IHRSA, SCW Mania, or Perform Better, but the EFC still gives professionals the opportunity to learn from their peers and even gain some continuing education units in the process. All of this comes at reasonable rates if you can find parking. 

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How to Become a Certified Pool-Spa Operator (CPO)

Hungry and Fit are HUGE supporters of education and continuing education. It is obvious by our occupations that we love teaching people how to do certain things properly in order to be healthier and happier. We also feel that everyone should be able to be educated so one of our goals is to spread that education throughout the world. We feel that the best way to do that right now is to prepare ourselves to be the best teachers we can be through our own education. Just last week, Hungry added another expertise by going through a course to become a certified pool and spa operator.

The course run by the NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation) is an in-depth look at many different aspects related to operating a pool. It is a reasonably-priced and length course but you should definitely be passionate about aquatics or water safety in order to take it. The information can be quite dry if you aren’t interested and there is a lot of math involved. The certification lasts for five years before it needs to be renewed. There is no practical exam, rather there is a written exam that consists of 60 questions. It is an open book test and is rather easy, in my opinion.


Since I am around pools for over 50 hours a week, it is a useful piece of education for me to have. It helps me run the two pools that I work at and understand the multiple pools that I swim in. It also teaches you a lot about hot tubs as well. I have to say that you should use discretion when using hot tubs in commercial locations. A single person can lose a quart of body oils in a hot tub by sitting in it for merely 15 minutes. If those places don’t cycle their water properly or drain the pool enough you are bathing in other people’s filth. I am not trying to gross anyone out but I want you to think about the facility you are using. Most major pools are forced to abide by regulations because they are inspected but many hotels and apartment complexes get away with not treating their pool properly so please be aware.

Fit and her Dad in a hot tub in New Zealand

Fit and her Dad in a hot tub in New Zealand

I am a huge supporter of water safety and making sure that no one ever drowns if it can be helped. My lifetime goal is to make sure everyone in this world knows how to protect themselves from aquatic environments so that they can survive dangerous encounters with water. This CPO course has helped expand my knowledge and if you are looking for a course I would recommend going to NSPF’s website and looking up the class closest to you.

If you have any questions related to pools, hot tubs, spas, aquatics or water safety please leave them in the comment section below! We may not be waterproof but being safe and knowledgeable around water is a part of being hungry and fit! Stay educated and keep educating others!

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Nymeria sitting on Sajah

Nymeria sitting on Sajah

Joe Weider: In Honor of The Creator

If you follow us, there is a decent chance you know who this man (Joe Weider) is. If you aren’t familiar with the name, then maybe you’ve heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe you’ve even heard of a few magazines including Men’s Fitness, Shape, Flex, and Muscle&Fitness. Perhaps you’ve tried a Tiger’s Milk bar or some Schiff Glucosamine. You might have even read about the International Federation of Bodybuilders or Mr/Mrs Olympia. You can give Joe Weider credit for most of that.

Along with his brother Ben and his wife Betty Brosmer, Joe turned bodybuilding into what it is today. From building his own barbells from car parts, to writing magazines in his teenage years, Joe has done it all. Arnold claims he would have never come to the United States if it wasn’t for the man known as The Creator. Now he might have only stood 5’11” but all of his ideas and innovation could barely fit into that frame. Despite legal issues that surfaced as a result of some supplements not working (don’t buy weight loss pills) almost everything he has done has been golden for the fitness industry.
I just wanted to shortly thank Mr. Weider for providing me with so much. I’ve read his magazines, used his nutritional products, watched the Olympia and dreamed of magically getting my IFBB pro-card in the mail, and followed Arnold since I was a child. You can see in a past post that Arnold has always been one of my most influential figures in terms of my fitness quest since I was young. So once again, thanks, Joe; every time I go in the gym and load my plate with barbells, I’ll do an extra rep just for you.