LA Fit Expo 2016: What to Expect

As the LA Fit Expo is in just a few days and the Evolution Fitness Conference comes with it, tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts and hundreds of fitness professionals will be walking through the doors of the convention center. The energy as high as everyone aims to meet their favorite social media celebrities, grab a picture to post online, and pick up some free shirt and supplement samples. It’s like a feeding frenzy but the positivity in the room is outstanding

Organizations including POUND and many others take the stage to demo their newest and most challenging group training formats while vendors show off their most advanced products to date. It isn’t quite the same as IDEA, IHRSA, SCW Mania, or Perform Better, but the EFC still gives professionals the opportunity to learn from their peers and even gain some continuing education units in the process. All of this comes at reasonable rates if you can find parking. 


What’s really interesting is looking at the groups that choose to avoid events like this. The competitions and presence of so many celebrities often takes away from the professional dynamic. As a result, organizations like TRX and Les Mills, who provide the gold standard for their respected disciplines in the fitness industry, are completely absent. And when it comes down to it, while their presence wouldn’t hurt, it isn’t the most effective investment. 

While TRX is the most expensive format of suspension training, it is unarguably the best. Their straps are durable and user-friendly. Their continuing education is unmatched. They continue to create specialty course after course, many of which I have taken, in order to show fitness professionals how to use their equipment. I often refer to Jungle Gym or Cross Core as the poor man’s TRX, while I often refer to MOSSA as the poor man’s Les Mills. I’m not trying to offend anyone, but one is superior to the other. 

Les Mills has created a legacy and gold standard in the fitness industry, specifically for group exercise and training formats. Whether it’s dance-related, cycling, strength training, or conditioning, Les Mills has a high-end and effective way for you to hit your goals, while having fun. Not all of their products are equally effective and some of their releases have been questionable, but they’ve established themselves on an international level and partnerships with 24 Hour Fitness are a testament to that.

If you’re heading to the Fit Expo this weekend, you’ll have fun. Fitness enthusiasts will be thrilled to meet their heroes and grab free samples while professionals will have the chance to demo new products and use the EFC to learn a few new pieces of useful information. Whether it’s a new move or cue, it can make the experience of your clients that much better. Get a weekend pass, enjoy some local cuisine, and get a chance to workout on the beach if you’re from out of town. And if you have any questions, while we might not be able to make it this year due to a busy schedule, please feel free to ask. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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