Happy National Take a Hike Day!

Happy National Hiking Day! If you’ve been hanging around Hungry & Fit long enough, you know that we love the outdoors and we love to hike. Of course, I miss living near Runyon Canyon where Noke and I could walk 15 minutes to the closest trail and be on our way. Lately, we’ve been frequenting another trail on the weekend. On Sundays, we like to go to Will Rogers State Park.


It’s a beautiful expanse of land. There’s a huge field used for different purposes: polo, soccer, and more. Will Rogers’ actual house is on the park and you can do a tour. It’s a historic site, really neat. There’s another big stretch of grass for people to dwell upon, play, and hang out. Then, there are several hiking trails. We’ve been doing the more easygoing one, but there are different trails with varying levels of difficulty.


Last week, we even did a picnic beforehand which was very nice. Putting a blanket down, eating our fill, laying back and enjoying the sunshine. Afterwards, we did a fairly easy trail to Inspiration Point. There aren’t really steep hills and it’s good on the joints. And Noke still gets a good workout. We got some good sun, exercise, and time outside. What else do you need?

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Since it’s National Take a Hike Day, we were inspired by Cotopaxi, an outdoor company that makes products including adventure backpacks and unisex sweaters, to show you a pretty cool infographic of different hikes across the country. Tell us if you’ve done any of these trails! Take a hike to stay hungry and fit!


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