The Update You’ve Been Waiting For

Hey team Hungry & Fit, we have some exciting announcements for you, and obviously for us! Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what to expect moving forward. You might have noticed that there was a month or two where we weren’t posting much content and that is because we have moved from one part of LA to another part of LA… again. That only marks the fourth time in three years and the seventh time in six years. It seems we just can’t stay still. Now that we’re mostly settled in our new place, you should expect (and demand) more from us!

This really is an exciting time of year. It starts to get cooler, we fall back with the time change and the sun sets earlier, and some of the most enjoyable holidays are right around the corner. Thanksgiving and Christmas plans are being made and lists are carefully crafted. Amazing movies and video games are released nearly every week for the rest of the year so there are plenty of reasons to be in high spirits. If you want to find out a bit more about those releases, look here.


You might have noticed that our post a few days ago was about a new page on our blog named “Products.” We’re always trying to listen to all of you and make the website both user-friendly (easy to navigate) and attractive at the same time. Our goal is to update the site’s appearance this month without changing the way we deliver content to you. We consolidated some of the pages, took some away, and ultimately added the Products page so that you have a resource where you can find our personal favorites for everything we use to achieve a healthy, affordable, and enjoyable lifestyle.

We are also working on a handful of other websites and projects that range from interactive creative writing to martial arts and even a scholarship for young scholars and inventors. It really is a challenging but fun experience and we’ll be announcing those new creations one at a time as soon as we’re happy with their quality. There might eventually be links to them from this blog.

We’re also developing more content on the YouTube channel, using our new kitchen and office space for filming both cooking segments and workout routines that can be done at home. Remember, that will always save you time and money. 

Keep an eye out and really make the most out of this holiday season. We’re going to help you get there because after that break we’re hungry for it, and you know we’re fit to do it!



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