Optimum Nutrition Protein Water

Back in January, we (probably) introduced you to Trusource and had some happy giveaway winners. [Do you want more giveaways?!] If you remember, we were blown away by their protein water product. Fast forward a few months and we find out that Optimum Nutrition (arguably our favorite supplement company) has their own protein water. What do we have to do? Obviously, we had to try it and let me just say that we were NOT disappointed. In fact, we even fought over it!


That’s right. For the first time (that I can remember) in countless review (testing/tasting) processes, Hungry and Fit actually argued over who would get the last protein water. I could end the review here and you’d have all the information that you need. What’s the bottom line? Have a stock of about 40 of these in your fridge at all times. Why? Because they’re way better when served chilled than room temperature. Oh, you thought I was going to answer that question as to why you should have them? Nope. I just answered why they should be in the fridge. 

But really, you have a great source of protein here in a form that’s far more enjoyable (and easier to get down the pipes) than protein powder. It’s a nice alternative for someone who is tired of so many thick shakes a day. When I first tried protein water, I expected it to be thick and have the least enjoyable texture in the world. It ended up tasting like All Sport  but had 90 calories, which consisted of 20g of protein and 2g of carbs. First ingredient? Whey protein isolate. Sure, there are some added colors and flavors but no signs of amino spiking (basically the company ripping off the consumer) in this product. It’s pure protein

It’s pure protein in the most refreshing form that we’ve ever found. Yes, you heard that right. We love Muscle Egg chilled in drink form, but it’s a little gooey on the way down. You can get this down faster than any other form of protein, in my opinion. So where can you find it? We’ll give bodybuilding.com some business here and link this because it’s a fair price and the product isn’t available everywhere yet since it’s relatively new. 

ON continues to innovate and maintain their insanely high standards in the process. Whether you’re advanced or beginner, as I mentioned earlier, have a few dozen of these sitting in your fridge. Send us a few dozen while you’re at it, okay? Thanks! ON always helps us stay hungry and fit!

(Note: Hungry and Fit received no monetary compensation for this post and they are not employed by Optimum Nutrition in any way. We really like their products this much.)

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