H&F Shorts on YouTube

We recently mentioned that we’d be stepping up our YouTube game (again!) and this time (with the help of Iron Fortitude’s Juan), we’re  actually off to a good start. We set a goal to release four videos this month and if you follow this link, then you’ll see we already have 3. Obviously, if you watched those, they’re only 15 seconds each since they’re just “shorts,” but we plan on using these to promote longer videos and to get everyone just a little more excited about it. 


The first short is Tyler, a professional stuntman in Hollywood, doing muscle ups while Hungry is on the hack press. We also have footage of Hungry using the standard angled leg press while Tyler holds a front lever for a few reps. If you want to see more ridiculous combos in the gym, let us know! 

The second short is Hungry completing the Tree Press challenge from Yogi Steve Outlier of Outlier Strength. This was extremely challenging since Chris took an advanced foot position above the knee and decided to clean and press the Olympic barbell while starting in the tree pose. Some others have cleaned it, found the tree pose, and then pressed. Either way, it was fun.

The third short includes a few clips from an arm workout. It doesn’t have every exercise, but we’re hoping to use these to give you ideas for some exercises and also to show longer videos where we explain the exercises. Let us know what you’d like to see with those!

As much fun as we have doing these, we do it to motivate, inform, and encourage all of you. We want to know what you want to see. We’ve already filmed some product reviews, a Runyon canyon hike, a Spartan race, a surfing video, and more that we’re editing to release. Give us an idea what you want and we’ll give it to you because helping others is one way to stay hungry and fit!

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