Home Leg Workout (No Equipment Necessary)

This post should really be called “How to Achieve a 4-Minute Wall Sit” because that’s what my goal is. You’ll remember from our Summer Fitness Goals, that I have several body weight goals. One of them is to–as you may have predicted–achieve a wall sit for four minutes. Now, four minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but you plomp your behind and a wall and see how long you last. This workout is designed to be high rep low weight to achieve muscle endurance. My poor legs need to build up muscle endurance to stay put for four minutes straight! I’m sweatin’ just thinking about it! So whether you’re trying to achieve a 4-minute wall sit or just want a home leg workout, this is for you!

1. Wall sit. As long as possible. I bet this was a shocker. Hold a wall sit for as long as you can before your legs give out. Make sure your legs are absolutely parallel to the ground and you aren’t leaning on your legs. Look like a chair!


2. Jumping jacks. 30 seconds. This is good to get the lactic acid out of your legs and also kick in some cardio.

3. Lunges. Two “rounds.” This means to my kitchen and back–so let’s say 20 feet of lunges. Make sure you have a proper stance, body upright, knee almost touching the floor–feel the burn!


4. Reverse lunges. Two “rounds” (20 feet). Same thing, but turn around and do the lunges backwards. These are especially great for the glutes!

5. Doggies. 12+ reps. Go on hands and knees and pretend you’re a dog peeing on a fire hydrant, then bring your leg back then to the front for a full circle. Do both sides–you’ll feel it in the hips and glutes.


6. Scorpions. 12+ reps. Same position, but this time you will just hook your leg like a scorpion’s stinger and lift up and down with leg bent. This one is for the hammies and glutes.


7. Plie squats. 12+ reps. Super wide stance, toes pointing out and go for some deep squats!


8. Wall sit. As long as possible. Yep, back on it–DON’T GIVE UP. 

Repeat this circuit three times.

 Try to take as little rest as possible between the different exercises–you can rest when you’re done with each circuit set. Wall sits can be just as much a mental game as a physical one. Some tips on those are to wall sit for a duration of a song, have a conversation, or watch some TV. Just pull through! This is a workout that can 100% be done at home and will leave you sweating and puffing and aching. I usually combine this with a run for cardio (I do the run before). Do this workout to stay hungry and fit!



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