Summer Fitness Goals

Goals are supremely important when it comes to fitness. Unfortunately, Hungry and I aren’t always great at having them. However, this summer (a little late), I’ve decided to change that! And by summer, I mean until late September. Goals help you fight harder toward something and give you purpose as you are working out. Goals can have a HUGE range: someone can have a goal of lowering their body fat percentage while another want to increase their splits by another inch. It can really be anything fitness, sport or health related. Just set something.


This summer, I’ve decided to focus on body weight goals. Usually I’m more strength related in terms of benching, squatting, etc and less so on strict body weight so this should be fun! It’s going to give me a great way to plan new exciting workouts (and share them with you!). See my goals below:

Fit’s “Summer” Goals

  • 20 push-ups with no break
  • 4 pull-ups in a row
  • 4-minute wall sit
  • 4-minute plank
  • 4 handstand push-ups
  • 3-mile casual run (without feeling like I’m going to die)
  • Fingers to skim my toes

And here is Hungry’s simple goal: do “cardio” every day. 

I am really looking forward to having concrete goals. I’ve set the bar kind of high without being too unreasonable. This means complete new workouts and regiments! This will bring me a lot of structure and focus for my workouts moving forward. It will also mean I will need to work harder at my fitness, which I am totally okay with! Let’s see how it goes. I will be posting my workouts as well so you can follow along. As always, stay hungry and fit!

*Question of the Day: What are your summer fitness goals?