A New Kind of Champion

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As you guys know, I’m on a mission with some certain summer fitness goals. More specifically, I’ve been working on bodyweight exercises like increasing my pull-ups, push-ups, wall sits, handstand push-ups, and planks. It’s a mix of muscular endurance and strength. I need fitness apparel and clothes that aren’t going to confine me and give me seamless comfort, letting me give pure performance. Have you ever had clothing that were just too tight in some place and distracting during your workout? No bueno. That’s why I choose to take Champion GEAR on my workout journey and fitness goals. 

I don’t know where you are in the country or even the world, but this summer is hot. I can’t stand to have fitness clothes that aren’t suited to my workouts. If clothes are constricting during a workout during hot weather, my performance is going to be supremely under par. That’s just how I am, unfortunately. With Champion GEAR, I don’t overheat during my workouts–the moisture wicking fabric allows me to stay cool and thus confident while I’m powering through to my goals.

My routine includes splitting up my body into my workout goals. Currently, it’s back, shoulders, core, chest, and then legs. I also like to try to throw in some cardio and rest days in that too. However, my priority is on the muscle workouts because I have until the end of next month to complete them! Doing fun things like fitness challenges, dance workouts, and ellipticals help keep things fresh for me. Especially during the intense moments, I’m thankful for the flowing clothing that works with me and not against me All gain, no pain!

I’ve also been using the Champion GEAR for my everyday activities. Noke gets at least one good walk a day and I like to be comfortable and cool during those walks. Also, I even wear the clothes at home either after work or when I’m cleaning the apartment. It’s just functional clothing that makes you feel great, doing whatever you choose to do. Champion GEAR exclusively at Sports Authority, so hurry over before it goes away! I got mine online, which is just easier if you know your sizing. Use Champion GEAR to stay hungry and fit!

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