Super-Powered Protein Powder

How’s that for an internal slant rhyme! Alright, down to business. You’ve heard us talk about Sunwarrior protein powder and all its goodness before. Can things really get better for this one-protein-fits-all? Apparently, they can! Sunwarrior recently came out with the Classic Plus


Sunwarrior’s original classic products were based on rice protein. With the Classic Plus, you’re getting chia seeds, yellow peas, quinoa, and amaranth on top of the original recipe. What does this mean for you? This means you’re getting a sweet dose of amino acids alongside your delicious vegan protein powder. This means muscle repair and building will be easier for your body. This protein powder is still gluten-free, for those with celiac or other sensitivities. You’re basically getting a 5-in-1 deal. This is to fuel your active life!

Hmm…so what’s better than all of these new things thrown into one product? Oh, a free giveaway! You’ll be able to have the chance to win some of the goodness-packed Sunwarrior Classic Plus! This is a serious protein powder that anyone can love: vegans, gluten-freebies, meat-eaters, athletes, the list goes on. I have a friend who now consumes Sunwarrior protein on a daily basis because it makes her feel great throughout the day. 


Click here to find more about the product itself and here for the sweet giveaway. Use Sunwarrior protein powder to stay hungry and fit!



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