Should Chefs Sweat the Small Stuff?

If you do a google search for the question we’ve presented in the title, you’ll get a huge range of answers from a simple yes to an emphatic no. There have been books written about it and just about every chef, critic, and food personality has an opinion on it. While I won’t go into depth about my own opinion,  I will point you in the direction of an article that we really loved. Typically, when we find someone else’s content that is high quality and should be shared, we do just that… share it. We’ll spread the link across our social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. However, when we really love the content of an article, we’ll use the blog to share its greatness to you!

Dinner by Sophie

Dinner by Sophie

Last year a great article titled “Chef’s Need to Sweat the Small Stuff” was published on Harvest America and it essentially said that the messages in Richard Carlson’s 1996 popular guide to stress relief, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” don’t apply in the kitchen. This year my cousin Matt, a talented and hard-working chef in NYC,  shared their latest article, “Great Cooks Sweat the Small Stuff.” I won’t repeat what the article says but I will give you my quick opinion since I want you to read it all for yourself. While the article is focused more so on the professional chef, in a restaurant setting, there are countless lessons that a home cook can take home, so it’s worth a read for everyone that MAKES FOOD. Even you, the person that knows how to make ramen, grilled cheese, and scrambled eggs. (We didn’t say that you made them well!


My advice; if you’re going to do something, do it well. Keep your knives sharp and clean; you don’t need a ton of expensive knives, but take care of the ones you have. Shop fresh; fresh ingredients can often be LESS expensive than frozen ingredients if you buy wisely. Don’t forget to season; it doesn’t have to be fresh garlic and herbs but salt and pepper are a must. Have plenty of oil and butter around; you don’t want to lose that pancake in the morning because you thought you could make it without them.

While your goal might be to get the food in your mouth as quickly as possible, these steps take very little extra time but can make a huge difference that you WILL notice. Keeping your food warm in the oven while finishing the rest of your meal to avoid eating cold food. These are the simple tips for an amateur home cook but they go a long way and the only way you will get better is if you take yourself seriously and TRY!


Eating well is the key to losing body fat and getting that flat stomach or six-pack, and looking good on the beach in the summer keeps us happy, which keeps us hungry & fit! 


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