Keeping Fit While on a Hectic Schedule

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In today’s world, where everything is in fast pace and everybody is in a hurry, keeping fit becomes a challenge.  But not to worry, as long as you are aware of it, many things can be done to address the challenge.

Eating the Right Food

Taking breakfast in the morning sustains the day’s activities.  Without it, you can get agitated easily even with petty things in the work place.  The meal need not be too heavy or you will feel sleepy.  A balance plate with cereals, meat or fish, eggs, dairy, and fruits or juices should be enough.

At lunch time, a couple of sandwiches will do.  Anyway, they are already complete with vegetables and cheese in them.  But for rice eaters, a complete meal is still good like a cup of soup to start the meal, a main course, a salad maybe, and a dessert, of course the rice too.

Dinner can be a lot heavier depending on the days of the week; weekdays may only have shorter time for evening meals than weekends. Dinners can be for soup, appetizers, a main course or two, desserts, and probably coffee or tea to end the meal.

You should also be conscious of meal intervals; taking heavy meals within 3 to 4 hours and light snacks in 2 hours in between. Of course, there are times you will miss these, but that’s okay.  It’s normal.

Wow, but with a hectic schedule how could that be possible? It’s easy.  Start by planning ahead of time. With proper attitude and constant regularization of the habit, everything is possible.

Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep becomes rare when you are in a hectic schedule. Seven to eight hours of sleep is good for adults. Sleeping has been part of us since the time we were born, yet this could be a problem to many if they are too busy. Too many worries can delay sleeping.  Stresses at work are brought home until the time of sleep. Try as much as possible to unload the stresses and worries before going to sleep. You can do it by talking to someone, writing it down in a journal, or praying it to the Lord.

You must find time to sleep.  Just as you are running to meet deadlines, equally important is getting enough sleep to last a lifetime.

Doing Appropriate Exercises

Exercising relieves stress and aids in enhancing sleep. After work you can walk, swim, or workout. Choose the kind of workout that suits you taking into consideration the health assessment of yourself and after having seen your doctor so he can advise on the type of exercise you will take.

Look at kids; they are very active during the day and sleep well through the night. Why is that? It’s because they are already tired. People can easily get stressed out nowadays because their works deal mostly with mental exercise rather that physical.  Exercising therefore removes the stress by providing tiredness after the activity, enough to make us fall asleep. When we wake up the next day; surely it will be a brand new day.

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