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Tough Mudder with the Panda Nation

In October of 2016, I will be competing in a Tough Mudder with the World Wild Fund for Nature’s Panda Nation. I have set a goal to raise a significant amount of money by that event and in the interest of getting right to the point, please read my story below and visit my page. Any gifts would be greatly appreciated, but don’t worry, you’ll be hearing plenty more about this in the next ten months because setting ridiculous goals can help you be accountable on the path of getting hungry & fit!

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Tough Mudder Training

There are a lot of obstacle races out there. And one of the hardest ones is the Tough Mudder. It’s longer than most with more obstacles than most with more extremes than most. That is why we created a video for some Tough Mudder training! There are many ways to go about training for such a race, but we’ve outlined the best path for you.

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