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Sweet Holiday Treats with Silk

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you’ve worked your bottom off for almost twelve months! Now is not the time to deprive yourself… take full advantage of the Holiday Season and reward yourself for everything that you accomplished in 2014. Relax. Read. Watch a movie. Sit by the fire. Have holiday treats. You’ve earned it. Make a mug of hot chocolate, your favorite blend of coffee, or a cup of tea. But let’s make this one special. Before you put in your cream and sugar, try this different little something. 

Take your ice cube tray, walk over to the sink, and empty all the contents down the drain. (Or you can give it to your dog… Noke loves ice cubes!) Then, pull a carton of Silk Holiday Nog (or your favorite Silk product) out of the fridge and start filling those empty ice cube trays with the Silk! That’s right, we’re making these into Silk cubes. Let them sit overnight in the freezer and you’ll have a batch ready for your next favorite hot drink. Once you pour that boiling hot liquid into your container of choice, drop a Silk cube in, and enjoy. You know when you make a warm drink, that usually you make it too warm and you can’t start drinking it for a while? This is your quick fix! Cubes of iced deliciousness that will cool down your drink and make it taste better! Win win!

photo 1 (25) photo 2 (23) photo 3 (19)  

Remember, you should make this your special treat. I love to put some ground cinnamon in the trays with Silk Vanilla Soy Milk and add that to my hot chocolate (milk-chocolate based). It always puts a smile on my face when I throw my feet up at the end of the day. So give this little treat a try this Holiday Season and let us know, below, how you make Silk your own. We love to hear everyone’s different combinations! For more ideas like this one, visit Silk’s Facebook page. They are constantly providing everyone with fun recipes and good lifestyle tips! Also, don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter–there are many chances to win tons of Silk products and more! Signing up is free and it’s worth all fifteen seconds it takes!


Watch them spin!

Watch them spin!

Look like marshmallows!

Look like marshmallows!

We hope you enjoy our idea of creating little special moments by creating Silk ice cubes and we hope you try them! Celebrating the Holiday Season is a great way to stay hungry and fit!

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

Chocolate Coconut Oat Bites

To say the least, life is freaking hectic. You have responsibilities ranging from a full-time job to kids to pets to your health to education! You get out of breath just going through your list of responsibilities! Or at least I do. Life is stressful and there’s no way around it except to roll with it. How do you roll with it? By making life easier for yourself along the way!

A big part of our life is food (surprise surprise). We don’t want to skip meals or snacks, but at the same time, we don’t always have a lot of time to prepare those meals. So, I create recipes like this one, in order to keep us fueled on the go. It’s important to us that we eat healthy on the go, but it should taste good too! So…along comes Coconut Chocolate Oat Bites. What a wonderfully delicious name. With the help of Silk Coconutmilk, we were able to create one of the simplest healthy recipes for those on the go. Can you tell I’m excited about it? Let’s get to the recipe.

photo 1 (11) photo 2 (10) photo 3 (8) photo 4 (6) photo 5 (6) photo photo (1)

Chocolate Coconut Oat Bites
A healthy snack on the go with amazing flavors

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Prep Time
7 min

Prep Time
7 min

  1. 1 cup oats
  2. 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  3. 2.5 tbsp peanut butter
  4. 3 tbsp maple syrup
  5. 3 squares dark chocolate
  6. 2 tbsp Silk Coconutmilk
  1. Heat the peanut butter, maple syrup, and Silk Coconutmilk together over low heat in a pan.
  2. Have oats and cinnamon mixed together in a bowl
  3. Once warm, pour the peanut butter mixture into the oats and cinnamon and really stir.
  4. Break the squares of chocolate into small pieces
  5. Once it is mixed well, fold in the pieces of chocolate
  6. Cover and put in the fridge for 20 minutes
  7. Take out and roll into small balls and store in fridge
hungry and fit http://hungryandfit.com/

I’m going to keep these in a zip-loc in the fridge at home AND at work, because you never know when you need a snack. It’s important to have a healthy snack accessible, because if not, you’re just going to binge on Red Vines and Sun Chips and then feel bad about it later. The Silk Facebook page inspired this recipe as they have a lot of great recipes and healthy living idea–go check it out and like it! Also, sign up for Silk’s online newsletter to get chances to win a year’s worth of Silk supplies to keep those tummies full with healthy sustenance! They also have other great giveaways like gift cards. Keep these beautiful bites nearby and you’ll never go hungry again! As always, stay hungry and fit!

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all ours.


Halloween Soup

With Halloween coming up tomorrow, you want to make sure you and others around you are well-fed! Whether you are trick or treating, partying, giving out candy, or just enjoying yourself, a good meal is essential. That’s why Hungry and I have come up with the ultimate Halloween Soup. It’s really not as spooky as it sounds–well it is terrifyingly good, I suppose. Aaaand it doesn’t photograph well nor is it pretty at all, but remember LOOKS don’t matter when it comes to deliciousness. It’s a very simple recipe, but yields terrific results. It’s perfect for the autumn weather–will bring you warm, happy feelings as you slurp it down.

That's one fine pumpkin

That’s one fine pumpkin

photo 3 (6) photo 5 (5) photo 4 (5) photo 1 (9) photo 2 (9) photo 1 (10)

Halloween Soup
A delicious, healthy soup to keep your Halloween alive

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Prep Time
10 min

Cook Time
30 min

Prep Time
10 min

Cook Time
30 min

  1. 1 small pumpkin
  2. 3 ears corn
  3. Lots of water
  4. 1 small shallot
  5. 4 cloves garlic
  6. 2 oz ginger
  7. 1 cup Silk Coconutmilk
  8. 1/2 tbsp ground black pepper
  9. 1/3 tbsp salt
  10. 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  11. 1/4 tsp cumin
  12. 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  13. 1/3 tsp curry powder
  14. 1/3 tsp ground ginger
  15. 1/3 tsp garam masala
  16. 3 cardamom seeds
  1. Cube the pumpkin
  2. Fill a large pot with water and put pumpkin in. Bring to a boil then let simmer until tender
  3. Fill another pot and boil corn for 8 minutes
  4. Let corn cool and slice it off the cob
  5. Chop up garlic, ginger, and shallots. Put into a blender/food processor along with corn and pumpkin and blend until smooth
  6. Transfer mixture into pot and put on and simmer
  7. Add spices into mixture, stirring occasionally
hungry and fit http://hungryandfit.com/

This Halloween Soup is perfect for that scary, brisk day. It is a crowd-pleaser and a family-pleaser. Did we mention how important it is to have a full stomach for festivities? Especially for your little ones for trick or treating! We used Silk Coconutmilk to make sure there was no soy or dairy milk in order to accommodate our friends! It also brings out that richness that goes well with a Fall soup, but leaves out the immense calories! We definitely appreciate that. If you want more recipes like ours, check out Silk’s Facebook page. There are tons of amazing recipes and also general life tips that keep you healthy day to day. Also, sign up for Silk’s newsletter to have the chance to win a year’s supply of Silk! Don’t mind if I do!

Enjoy this Halloween with friends, family, and beyond. Remember to be safe, don’t drink and drive, and don’t let your little ones out without a full belly! No one likes hangry children (yes I said hangry)…or adults for that matter. So fill yourself with goodness and have a very Happy Halloween. And as always… stay hungry and fit!

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all ours.

7 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Fall

October is here! Woohoo! I know Hungry is excited—Halloween is one of his favorites. What else does October mean? Fall is really here. Those closing their eyes and pretending it’s summer have to stop now. Well, you don’t have to, but come on—there are pumpkins now! I find that everyone I talk to has different opinions about Autumn—fears, loves, and so forth. Some detest it because the weather starts to get too brisk for outside workouts. Others love it because of the hearty produce it yields and the way it makes them feel. If you are ever feeling lost in Fall, here are a few tips to keep you happy and healthy while the leaves change color and drift away:


1. Don’t let the weather keep you inside. Yes, it may be getting colder, or even downright cold in some states, but that shouldn’t keep you confined to your personal quarters. That’s why layers were invented, of course! To allow you to bundle up and go outside, even when the wind threatens to flay you. You can even workout outside when it’s cold! Put as many layers on as you need to and remember—you can always take them off!

Talk about beauty!

Talk about beauty!

Using layers ;)

Using layers 😉

2. Fight off negativity. Don’t get down on yourself if you find yourself indulging in pumpkin sweets and heavy foods. Negativity is the worst thing you can consume if you’re striving to be a healthy person. Even if you have an unplanned splurge, don’t trash talk yourself. Instead, learn from the moment and move on. Put it in perspective.

Indulgences happen...move on

Indulgences happen…move on

3. Set a new goal for the fall. This is important because your goals should always be fresh and exciting to you. Otherwise you will fall away into boredom and apathy.

4. Indulge in autumn produce. Just because it’s no longer summer and watermelon isn’t on the daily menu anymore, doesn’t mean you have to resort to boring foods that give you the “blahs.” Even though in most states, it is getting colder, you must remember that Autumn is still a vibrant season with so much to offer! Think squash, pears, pomegranates and more!

5. Find a gym. If it is getting cold, and you find that it deters you from your workouts, find an indoor arena or gym you can perform your preferred workout. It may seem superficial, but atmosphere and environment are huge factors when it comes down to whether or not you will have a good workout, or even workout for that matter! Bite the bullet, hand over some money to either buy yourself some home workout equipment or a gym membership.

Home workouts galore!

Home workouts galore!

6. Try new things. Change is scary, but it’s also really exciting. With new seasons, come change. And what should you do with change? Fight it? No! Embrace it and give it meaning! Learn something new! Try a new form of exercise! Do yoga! Take a dance class! Roll with the punches of nature and use the opportunity to embrace change and try something new.

That time I did a triathlon...

That time I did a triathlon…

7. Stick with the old. Alright, now you really must think me crazy because now I’m contradicting myself. Contradicting? No! This is simply an add-on. While you embrace the new, hold onto the old that comforts you. It could be your morning routine, it could be your favorite snack, or your favorite drink. For me, it’s my Silk milk that I put in my smoothies and protein shakes. No matter what, my Silk Soymilk or Almondmilk will be there for me, giving me sustenance while the world around me continues to change.

photo 3 (26)

We are all different. We all have our likes and dislikes, our habits and our avoidances. However, one thing is the same, ironically, and that is change. Nature teaches us to accept change and let it nurture us into better people who try new things and have a wider range of experiences. There is always the “old” or our rocks, our foundation that keeps us going to balance the change in our world. If you want more of the old and the new, check out Silk’s Facebook page, which is constantly coming out with new recipes and tips to stay at your happiest, healthiest you. You could also win a year’s worth of Silk products if you sign up for their newsletter.

Even though this may seem like a list of ways to stay healthy throughout the Fall (and it is), the deeper meaning is to allow yourself to experience change (and enjoy it) while balancing yourself with the things that make you who you are and keep you sane. I hope these tips help you along your way in your Autumn journey. As always, stay hungry and fit!

*Question of the Day: How do you stay healthy during Autumn?

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all ours.


Wake Up with a Salutation to Health

Too often we roll out of bed a few minutes too late only to start rushing here and there–barely remembering to brush our teeth after shoving the last bit of toast down our throats–and run out the door. This does not set up the day very well. This manic morning routine leaves you feeling rushed, anxious, and stressed. It should be the opposite! There are easy ways to make your morning feel calm, enjoyable, and rejuvenating–and they don’t take a day at the spa!

If I begin my day like how I pictured above, I’m not going to be in a great mood. It’s important me to start the day out right. I know this can be tough (I have a partner, two cats, a dog, and a snake–imagine kids!), but all it takes is a few minutes to begin your day on a healthy note. Sometimes I meditate–lots of breathing exercises to clear my mind and set my intention for the day.

Other times, I do a sun salutation. This is a yoga routine I try to do in the mornings or when I am feeling stiff. Many of you know my inflexible nature so this yoga routine is important for me to do at least once a day. This yoga routine is a beautiful way to start the day and will spur mental and physical wellness. We often just focus on our physical fitness, but our mental wellness is just as important, too. I’m no yoga master, but I do what I can (my poses aren’t always so pretty).

Let’s go through that routine:

  • Stand with your feet together and reach high with your hand and tilt slightly backwards

    photo 3 (50)  

  • Sweep your arms downwards in a swan dive and reach for your toes
  • Put your hands on your legs and look forward

photo 5 (25)

  • Reach back down towards your toes
  • Plant your hands down and bring your right leg back into a lunge

photo 1 (67)

  • Bring your left leg back into a plank

photo 2 (56)

  • Slowly lower, coming up into cobra or upward facing dog

photo 3 (51)

  • Turn the toes and come into downward facing dog

photo 4 (42)

  • Put your right foot forward into a lunge, and then your left to meet it
  • Slowly rise up, one vertebrae at a time, reaching for the sky

This takes 1-3 minutes, depending on how slow or fast you go. Try doing this sun salutation three times in succession. You can do them at different speeds, the same speed–whatever feels right to you that morning. This is a wonderful way to capture that physical and mental wellness spur that will keep you feeling lively and healthy for the rest of the day.

This goes along with my day-to-day routine of drinking Silk Soymilk. I usually go with Vanilla or Plain, but it keeps me healthy and helps my day get started. Silk is all about physical and mental wellness routines. Silk Soymilk has plant-based protein (6g per serving!) which I appreciate and it also helps me to keep fuller longer if I only have time for cereal in the morning (before my sun salutations, of course). They are all about creating products that make you feel better and healthier throughout your busy day.

photo 1 (66)

photo 2 (55)

For me, it makes sense to partner with Silk because we share the same values of natural food (non-GMOs) and leading a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. If you want to learn more about their products, click here. They also have an awesome Facebook page where you can learn about fantastic giveaways, healthy yummy recipes, and fitness hacks. I hope you begin (or continue) your morning practice of sun salutations or meditation to start a mentally and physically healthy day. As always, stay hungry and fit!

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

The Importance of Non-GMOs

Here at Hungry and Fit, we aren’t just concerned with our fitness and how we can lift heavy things or look good in a speedo. We also care about the internal health of our body because–let’s face it–that’s the “Fit” that really matters. Our “true” health is what is going to make the difference on the inside with the big problems–cancer, heart disease, and the other big ones. That’s why we don’t smoke, we exercise every day, stay away from trans fats, and avoid GMOs.

What are GMOs? GMOs are genetically modified organisms. If you aren’t sure you’re eating them, you probably are. Approximately 70% of processed foods in the U.S. contain genetically modified food products. Agh, scary! But why is it scary? Why are GMOs bad? Brace yourselves, because this is all based in science. These plants are genetically modified in order to be more herbicide-resistant but also to produce pesticides. Yes, it’s not that they’re being sprayed with pesticides, it’s that they’re genetically modified to have pesticides in them. They have been transplanted with genes from a pesticide-producing organism, so that farmers don’t need to spray pesticides. But, this is bad. Now you can’t even “wash” off your pesticides because they are within every cell of that plant. They get these genes from Bacillus thuringiensis​, but we will just call it the Bt toxin.

And finally, why is the Bt toxin bad? Once inside your body, the Bt-toxin disrupts your cell membrane in just 24 hours which causes fluid inside to leak out. To put it simply, it is creating small holes in human cells just like it kills insects. This is from the Journal of Applied Toxicology published in 2011. In addition, a 2011 Canadian study (because you will be sued if you try to do these kind of studies in the U.S.) found that “93% of the pregnant women they tested had Bt-toxin…And so did 80% of their unborn fetuses” (State of the Science on the Health Risks of GM Foods). It’s terrifying! And GMOs continue to take over America.

With Monsanto (the big corporation behind GMOs) in bed with the government, it’s hard to find non-GMO products. That’s why I really and truly appreciate Silk. Despite 93% of soybean crops being genetically modified, they are steadfast in their mission to only use non-GMO to avoid health risks and environmental harm. That means they use non-GMOs in every one of their products from their yogurt to their dark chocolate Almondmilk. It also means taking extra time and resources to research their suppliers to bring the best for those who consume their products. How many companies care that much? It’s comforting in a country where money is more important than health, that there are at least a few companies that take a stand against that. That is why I am so happy to partner with Silk and consume their products without the threat of Bt toxin invading my cells.


If you think it’s best to let nature do her thing and not mess with plants which will in turn mess with our bodies, then sign up for Silk’s newsletter. You can get coupons, sweepstakes, and a monthly chance to win a year’s supply of Silk! In addition, like their Facebook page to find tons of cool recipes, fitness hacks, and ways to stay healthy. I hope you appreciate Silk’s commitment to non-GMOs now that you know what harm they are avoiding. I appreciate it so my internal and long-term fitness stays on a good track. Using Silk products is good for a healthy lifestyle and an excellent “life hack.” Drink Silk to stay hungry and fit!

This is a sponsored conversation written by us on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all ours.


Make One Healthy Decision Every Day

There is a very simple rule Hungry and I try to adhere to: make one healthy decision every day. It can make the difference in your mood, your body, your spirit, your day–you name it! Everyone has a different something, but it’s great that it is an actual something. The way to achieving great health is through baby steps. Nobody ever took a big leap to their ideal body or lifestyle…it takes progress. And that’s a good thing. If we never take little steps towards our goals, it will never stick. It will never become a true part of our life.

The one healthy decision I make is choosing Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk. When I’m craving something to drink other than water, I know I can pull out the carton of the Silk Almondmilk and take a glug. It prevents me from getting into other stuff like soda or fruit juices that I avoid. It’s something that helps fit into my macros and my journey to good health. It is non-GMO verified, plant-based, heart-healthy, and has 50% more calcium than dairy milk. It’s my little step each day. And it’s one I take every day (multiple times).

I believe it’s important for everyone to take this little step. It could be taking the stairs, taking a walk during lunch, avoiding the bag of chips, or taking a few minutes for a meditation. People think getting fit is always a dramatic change. Well, it shouldn’t be. It should be little steps each day which eventually turn into habits which eventually turns into a permanent lifestyle. Pick a healthy choice every day and you will see that eventual, permanent change.

photo 3 (26)

For me, Silk has lots of these healthy choices. From Almondmilk to their Soy Milk, I always keep the fridge stocked so that I continue to make these healthy decisions each day. This helps me create a better, happier me. You already know that Silk helps us bloom. Try it out for yourself! Sign up for the Silk.com newsletter and receive free coupons, sweepstakes, and monthly chances to win a YEAR’S supply of Silk products. If it works for me, it will work for you. Also, check out Silk’s Facebook Page. I literally JUST found an oatmeal recipe that I’m dying (and drooling) to try! Like their page and you’ll be in for good tips, recipes, and general happiness-helpers. I wouldn’t lie! Make a healthy decision every day to stay hungry and fit!

  • Question of the Day: What healthy decisions do YOU try to make every day?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.