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Valentine’s Day Meditation

This day is all about looooove, so what better way to practice love than to meditate?! Meditation is a huge self-love tool because it helps our mind find some peace and space. However, it can also be a powerful tool to focus on your love for someone else. Having a special someone in mind while you meditate gives your meditation a deeper purpose and meaning–it will help you focus. So, pick someone to focus on (it could be yourself or even your dog) and let’s meditate!

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Stress-Relieving Meditation

If after this election, you have bouts of panic or freak-out moments, this meditation is for you. If you feel stressed, on the verge of mental break, this meditation is for you. Even if your anxiety has nothing to do with the election, this meditation is for you. This will just take a few minutes and, trust me, it’s worth it. Deep breath.

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Grounding Yoga Poses

Recently, I’ve been trying to get more into Yoga. My body feels stiff and I can’t even touch my toes anymore. I knew it was time to get back into the practice that has given me so many benefits in the past. So, with GaiamTV, I’ve been getting back into it. I try to practice at least once a week. I can feel the monumental difference when I do it. Not just body-wise (though my hips are so very happy), but mentally as well. Yoga and meditation are wonderful tools for getting through life and learning to roll with the punches. It’s good to just breathe. After stressful work days or crazy weekends, I find it incredibly helpful and soothing to practice grounding yoga poses. These are yoga poses that will help ground you into the earth and away from your stress and chaotic energy. Though the entire list would take many posts to explain, I chose three that I find fundamentally grounding.

1. Pigeon pose. This is an incredible hip opener. It’s a very slow pose and it should be taken gentle, though it may feel intense. Start on all fours. Bend one knee and drape the leg in front of your body and stretch the other leg behind you. Slowly move down towards the mat, eventually resting your forehead on the mat when you can. Remember to take this slow and gently, as it can be very intense in your hips. Angle your leg as needed to compensate for flexibility or sore areas. Hold for as long as comfortable and switch sides.

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2. Dragon pose. This one is newer to me, but as soon as I started practicing it, I fell in love with it. It is such a wonderful opener for the hips, legs, glutes, and more. It’s like the body drinks up the benefits its reaping from this pose. For this one, start in a lunge position with one leg next to your hands on the mat, and the other leg back, knee down. If you’re able, go down to your forearms. If that’s too much for now, stay on your hands. Hold for as long as comfortable and switch sides.

3. Reclining hero pose. This one is a wonderful stretch deep in your quads. Everyone will be at a different level here. Start by kneeling. If this is hard on your knees, try putting a blanket under them, or it simply may not be right for you. Drape your arms behind you and slowly start laying backwards, with your knees folded below you. Go as low as you’d like, whether that’s a few inches or all the way to the floor. Stay as long as is comfortable. This is another slow, gentle pose.

Those are some of our favorite grounding yoga poses. Do this when you feel the need for grounding and calm. Remember to breathe deeply through each of these poses. Don’t rush them, take your time. Try to feel every part of your body as you ease into these poses. Treat your body and let it flourish! Remember to be sensitive to any ailments your body may be under at the time–sore knees, hips, and so forth. You never want to hurt yourself by pushing too far or doing something poorly for your body. Use these poses to help ground yourself and give your hips what they deserve! And as always, stay hungry and fit!


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