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Our Weekend in Pics

Memorial Day weekend involved landscaping, gardening, and lots and lots of  much-needed R&R.

Spent the day Saturday doing my mum's yard

Spent the day Saturday doing my mum’s yard (Home Depot forever)

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Sport Discovery: Disc Golf

Boulder is known for many physical activities including rock climbing, bouldering, triathlon, and more. There is another sport that we recently discovered in town that may be less physically exhausting then those already listed, but just as fun for some. Disc golf, or frisbee golf, is a game that blends golf with frisbee. Seems simple enough right?

You take your discs (that are crafted specifically for the sport), step up to the tee, and use a driver to launch the disc anywhere from 100 feet to 100 yards. Then you switch to other discs that float and curve less as you approach the “hole.” The hole is actually a basket that stands about 5-6 feet tall and has chains that help you sink the final shot. If you hit the chains properly with a straight shot that is not too hard, you typically will get the rebounding effect to knock the disc into the basket, effectively allowing you to move on. Every hole has a suggested number of throws that determines what your score should be. At the course we play at every hole has a par of 3. The last two times I finished two and one shot over par, which I was happy about. Alana doesn’t count her throws, or strokes. ¬†Let’s talk more about the physical aspects of the sport.

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Some might argue it isn’t a sport and is more so a hobby, but we could do that for everything. It’s a combination of two sports and requires some physical skills, including serious hand-eye coordination. If you just go onto the course and try to launch the discs, you’ll score horribly. If you try to take short straight throws to be safe, your result will be similar. You need to practice proper throwing and release techniques in order to get distance while maintaining the right position relative to the hole. It’s a delicate balance of power and finesse, which is not easy. A great way to generate power is by snapping your wrist, but this needs to be done with precision. Otherwise you will snap the disc into the area code next to you, when you want to throw the disc in front. Those are some basic tips if you want to improve your game. But I’ll tell you why you should play.

It’s not going to necessarily be a workout and help you lose fat, build muscle, or anything along those lines. However, it’s something active that could lead to playing Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, biking or another outdoor activity. Here in Boulder, the course at Valmont Park has all kinds of trails and just watching other people move on by while playing frisbee golf can be a motivating factor. It can help you develop some specific muscles in your shoulders and arms if you throw the disc enough. Plus, walking from hole to hole is a workout in itself for some more than others.


Trying out disc golf is a way to get outside and motivate yourself to be more active. It’s not very strenuous so it can be a good way to ease yourself into more intense exercise and fitness routines. Or it’s a great way to spend some time with family and friends and enjoy life. I do not recommend playing alone. It’s nowhere near as fun. And family, friends, fun and sun are all a major part of being hungry and fit!

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