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How to Be a Vegetarian

Often times, when people find out I’m a vegetarian, they look at me sadly like they just found out I have a terminal illness. Funny thing is that I choose to be a vegetarian. And many other people do too! Now, the transition into being a vegetarian isn’t always so heartfelt and easy. There are tons of books out there with the purpose of instructing one on how to be a vegetarian. This is going to be a much simpler guide. I’m not telling everyone to be a vegetarian, I’m just showing you how to in case you were ever curious–how to get enough nutrients in a plant-based diet. Sometimes people turn into starch-atarians when they go veggie, but fear not–there is plenty of protein when you come this way!
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The Importance of Non-GMOs

Here at Hungry and Fit, we aren’t just concerned with our fitness and how we can lift heavy things or look good in a speedo. We also care about the internal health of our body because–let’s face it–that’s the “Fit” that really matters. Our “true” health is what is going to make the difference on the inside with the big problems–cancer, heart disease, and the other big ones. That’s why we don’t smoke, we exercise every day, stay away from trans fats, and avoid GMOs.

What are GMOs? GMOs are genetically modified organisms. If you aren’t sure you’re eating them, you probably are. Approximately 70% of processed foods in the U.S. contain genetically modified food products. Agh, scary! But why is it scary? Why are GMOs bad? Brace yourselves, because this is all based in science. These plants are genetically modified in order to be more herbicide-resistant but also to produce pesticides. Yes, it’s not that they’re being sprayed with pesticides, it’s that they’re genetically modified to have pesticides in them. They have been transplanted with genes from a pesticide-producing organism, so that farmers don’t need to spray pesticides. But, this is bad. Now you can’t even “wash” off your pesticides because they are within every cell of that plant. They get these genes from Bacillus thuringiensis‚Äč, but we will just call it the Bt toxin.

And finally, why is the Bt toxin bad? Once inside your body, the Bt-toxin disrupts your cell membrane in just 24 hours which causes fluid inside to leak out. To put it simply, it is creating small holes in human cells just like it kills insects. This is from the Journal of Applied Toxicology published in 2011. In addition, a 2011 Canadian study (because you will be sued if you try to do these kind of studies in the U.S.) found that “93% of the pregnant women they tested had Bt-toxin…And so did 80% of their unborn fetuses” (State of the Science on the Health Risks of GM Foods). It’s terrifying! And GMOs continue to take over America.

With Monsanto (the big corporation behind GMOs) in bed with the government, it’s hard to find non-GMO products. That’s why I really and truly appreciate Silk. Despite 93% of soybean crops being genetically modified, they are steadfast in their mission to only use non-GMO to avoid health risks and environmental harm. That means they use non-GMOs in every one of their products from their yogurt to their dark chocolate Almondmilk. It also means taking extra time and resources to research their suppliers to bring the best for those who consume their products. How many companies care that much? It’s comforting in a country where money is more important than health, that there are at least a few companies that take a stand against that. That is why I am so happy to partner with Silk and consume their products without the threat of Bt toxin invading my cells.


If you think it’s best to let nature do her thing and not mess with plants which will in turn mess with our bodies, then sign up for Silk’s newsletter. You can get coupons, sweepstakes, and a monthly chance to win a year’s supply of Silk! In addition, like their Facebook page to find tons of cool recipes, fitness hacks, and ways to stay healthy. I hope you appreciate Silk’s commitment to non-GMOs now that you know what harm they are avoiding. I appreciate it so my internal and long-term fitness stays on a good track. Using Silk products is good for a healthy lifestyle and an excellent “life hack.” Drink Silk to stay hungry and fit!

This is a sponsored conversation written by us on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all ours.