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Nature Provides the Ultimate Happiness Hack

Please enjoy a guest post from Mallory from Nootropedia!

Western medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. At the start of the 20th century, the life expectancy was less than half of what it is today. Much of this is due to great strides in western medicine. There is a downside to western medicine as well. When so many aspects of our health have been enhanced, it’s easy to think every “problem” needs a medicinal solution. Given the strength of synthetic drugs and the pharmaceutical industry, this can lead to some sticky situations.

This namely leads to a high rate of prescription drug usage across the western world and in America particularly. Even though millions of people are taking drugs to decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety, this may not be the best route or methodology. Nature provides a wide variety of compounds that can more reliably and more sustainably increase mood. Not only does this yield to a greater satisfaction and quality of life, but with increased mood comes better cognitive function and mental performance.

We are all about nature!

We are all about nature!

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How Drugs and Food Can Work Against Each Other

Did you know that certain drugs you take (like antibiotics) will potentially have clashes with what food you eat? Some foods may inhibit or deteriorate the goal of what that drug is doing to your body, creating an inner brawl. Here at Hungry and Fit, we were unaware of such poor pairings. We teamed up with BlinkHealth to show you how certain foods are detrimental to the drugs you may be taking. If you haven’t heard of BlinkHealth before, they are the first company to allow patients to purchase their medications online and pick them up at their local pharmacy. They help you find the lowest drug prices possible. Check out all of their available prescriptions if you’re shopping! Click on the infographic to see it in its entirety. 

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How to Calm a Coughing Attack

The changing of the seasons is upon us and while that may not be very apparent to us Southern Californians, it’s definitely happening everywhere else! And what happens when seasons change beside the lovely new exciting things? SICKNESS. Yes, unfortunately, when the seasons change, the weather changes, and our bodies just get all darn confused! It could be the flu, a cold…whatever our lowered immune system decides to let in. With those nasty sicknesses, comes the dreaded, lingering cough. This cough is wet and deep at first, but then, as your sickness dries up or gets better, it turns into a dry cough. Then you’re that person coughing over and over in class or in the office and you have deep circles under your eyes because it wakes you up.


My most recent hot toddy

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How Medical Technologies Are Helping Improve Lives

Life poses a number of medical challenges for us all. As we age, the potential for increasing health problems becomes greater, and the need for medical intervention more pressing, in order to make life more comfortable for those with various health difficulties. From the usual problems of old age through to more severe illnesses that can afflict us in our senior years, it is important to pay attention to the changes to our physical and mental health as we age. Increasingly, new technologies are making life more comfortable for those with a range of medical problems. As research and development in these technologies continues to make advances, people are finding it easier to live with their medical conditions.

Amputees are one set of patients who have benefited from advancements in technologies surrounding their treatment. Prosthetic limbs are now more advanced than ever before, allowing for a full range of movement and greater comfort for the wearer. It is now possible to hook up prosthetic arms to external software on a PC or smartphone, allowing for more sophisticated grip patterns and planes of movement. The technologies are so developed that it is now possible for patients to experience much more realistic control over their limbs. This has made simple everyday tasks a whole lot easier for those concerned.

Image source: http://www.study-zilla.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Medical-Technologies.jpg

For those with hearing difficulties, the developments in aural technologies have also been impressive. New hearing aids, like Miracle-Ear, are producing a clearer sound for those who have difficulties with their hearing. These devices sit discreetly in the ear and can compensate for growing degrees of hearing loss. For those who suffer from partial deafness, these technologies have proven to be a revelation, giving them back access to crucial senses for day-to-day life.

Improved clarity of audio makes it easier for those suffering from hearing loss to have conversations, or to consume media in a more traditional way. The increased comfort means it becomes practically more possible to wear these devices around the clock, ensuring that there is now no need to revert to a diminished state of hearing.

Image source: http://images.sciencedaily.com/2009/06/090616080133-large.jpg

The developments in the field of medical technology are not simply related to medical aids and devices. There are also new machines being made available to hospitals and medical practitioners worldwide, offering more effective diagnosis and treatment across a range of conditions. Cancer scanners, for example, have undergone significant transformations in the last fifteen years, providing safer, more comfortable and more accurate diagnosis for patients of the condition.

Various technologies have been developed to help with medical applications. From treatment to simply making the lives of patients more comfortable, these advancements look set to continue as new equipment is made available for clinical use. Research and development spending is showing no sign of holding up. As governments worldwide continue to support medical innovation and research through their tax systems and through public funding, the future for advances in patient comfort and treatment looks especially bright. Use that technology to stay hungry and fit

How to Choose the Right Dentist for Your Kids

Having the right dentist for your children is important. Choosing a dentist for your child is like choosing a doctor; taking the time to research your options to decide on a specialist is the best way to make sure everybody has a good experience.

If your child is reaching the age where it’s time to start seeing the dentist regularly, or you’ve moved to a new area and find a new dentist for your kids, you likely understand how stressful it can be finding a new dentist. It isn’t a process to be rushed, however, because if you don’t get the right dentist for your child, there could be problems down the road. Check out these tips on how you can find a good dentist for your kids.

Ask for Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a dentist for your kids is to ask friends and family for recommendations. You likely have some family friends with kids that are going to the dentist, so asking them which dentist they go to and whether they like the services is a good way to find a dentist.

If you’re moving to a new city, you can ask your current dentist for recommendations or referrals to a new dentist. Even if you’re moving to some far away city like Olathe, your dentist might have a recommendation for a Kansas City cosmetic dentist that he or she knows through conferences or conventions. If you like your child’s current dentist, this can be a great way to find a new dentist because you’ll be getting a valued opinion on a new dentist.

cosmetic dentistry bonding

Find Out Policies

If your child has trouble going to the dentist, you likely know the nightmare that it can be whenever a checkup is required. Before settling on a dentist, check out certain policies that relate to your situation to see if the dentist is a good fit for you and your child. For example, if your child is too scared to sit in the chair by his or her self, see if you’ll be allowed to go back there to hold hands. Some dentists might have a policy against parents doing this, which is why it’s important to check policies before making a decision.

On the flip side, some dentists might require the parents to be in the back room. Whatever the situation is, make sure you double check the relevant policies so you can find a dentist that fits your and your child’s needs.

Richmond Hill Dentist
Check the Accreditation

This should be a no-brainer for parents searching for a dentist for their kids, but sometimes it’s often overlooked. Check to see if the potential dentist you’re considering is accredited with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. This is the most respected accreditation for child dentists, so make sure that the dentist has this accreditation before agreeing to any sort of agreement. All it takes is a simple question to find out if the dentist is accredited.

cosmetic dentistry

Image credit: http://www.bcdentalcare.ca

Cats Really Do Have Nine Lives

It was a nightmare of a day. I’ll tell it to you from my (Alana’s) perspective. It’s Monday. I just finished with my last client and had a few hours to get some paperwork done at work. I come back from a great session and look at my phone. I find a string of horrific text messages. Most of them didn’t make sense due to the combination of rushing and the iPhone’s autocorrect. From “Nymeria is dead” to “at petsmart” to “they think there’s something wrong with her abdomen, going to another hospital.” 

First moment back from the hospital

First moment back from the hospital

My hands start shaking, I’m not really sure what’s going on. But from the succession of texts, I know she’s alive. Go ahead and click the link on Nymeria’s name to learn a little more about her. At the humane society, she jumped on my lap at 2 months old and basically adopted me. She’s my baby. Back to the story. So I know she’s alive, but I have no clue what’s going on. My co-worker is very worried, she’s standing next to me (she was with me when I found out Misty died), making sure I’m okay. I don’t get service where I work (call-wise) so I use the work phone to call Chris but he doesn’t pick up.

Her sleepy on my tummy

Her sleepy on my tummy

I rush and collect myself, lucking out with no more clients in the day, grab my stuff and get out. I’m extremely worried, confused, and completely terrified. I can’t lose another kitten. I text him saying I’m coming home. He texts me back the address of the hospital that they’re at. At least she’s alive, I keep reminding myself. That’s all that matters right now. Once I get in a better service zone, I get two voicemails. Both from Chris. The first one, like the texts, was horrific. It was when he thought Nymeria was dead. I don’t think I’ll listen to that one again. The second one was him carrying her to the hospital on foot.

I finally get there and find him in a waiting room. We’re both very shaken and upset. He has pee all over his shirt and blood on his arm. I finally get the story of what happened. Nymeria ran into the bedroom to pee on the cat bed (naughty girl), so Chris grabbed her and put her in the litter box. He’s in rush because he’s behind schedule, and as he’s running (top speed for in the house) out of the bedroom, Nymeria is running her fastest into the bedroom. Bam. They collide. Her head and his foot. It would’ve knocked out a human.

Her arm was shaved for the IV

Her arm was shaved for the IV

She slumped over and stopped breathing. He immediately started performing CPR. All the urine and feces came out of her and she began to get stiff. He called me, but I didn’t pick up since I was with a client. He then went back to it, chest compressions and mouth to mouth. After 10 minutes of resuscitation, she woke up and coughed up blood. She was alive. He saved her. Quickly, he put her in his shirt (I have the car at this point) and goes as quickly as he can to a pet hospital. The first one he finds does an X-ray and is worried about her abdomen and sends him to another hospital.

He gets to Alpenglow Emergency Center and they take her in. I’m with him by the time a doctor comes to talk to us. From the collision, Nymeria suffered head trauma (with swelling in the head) and pulmonary contusions (bruised lungs). Her pupils were different sizes and she was having trouble breathing, but she was doing okay. They had an estimate for costs and all they were going to do for her. It could be up to 48 hours of intensive care. I was still in shock of all this happening. But the doctor explained everything very well and the nurses made sure we were comfortable.

photo (87)

Nymeria would be put in a oxygenated little room (like a cage, but comfortable with bedding and warmth), given medicine to make the swelling go down and get her pupils back to normal size. She was also put on an IV to stay healthy and hydrated. We were there for two hours. We got to see her before she left. She was pretty out of it and tired, and couldn’t see us properly. The staff there was wonderful and let us know we could call whenever we wanted, no matter what time of day or night. I felt very thankful for that.

I called every few hours, and the updates kept getting better. She soon started eating “like a champ,” being rambunctious, and her pupils returned to normal size. The next day she was walking around without swaying or falling. They said that she would be ready to pick up at 4 that afternoon, because she was off oxygen and doing well.

photo (88)

I got there at four to pick my girl up and talked with a nurse who had kept good care of her. She said she was probably tired because she didn’t get that much rest because all the staff in the hospital, fell in love with her because they never get babies and, well, Nymeria has that effect. She was well taken care of with lots of TLC. The whole thing actually cost less than their initial low-ball estimate. And I was sent home with lots of information and the assurance that I should call if I have any questions. The staff there really made me feel that they cared and they were there for me and Nymeria.

photo (89)

Nymeria was pretty exhausted that night, I stayed home with her and just held her while she slept peacefully like she did when she was a baby baby. She’s still a little slow reaction-wise, weak, and quiet, but she’s doing alright. She still gets excited about food and today she even jumped up to lay on the window sill. She will probably be out of it for a few days and probably has a massive head ache. I just feel so enormously lucky to have her here. She is 8 months old now.

Found them today (the second day Nymeria has been out) when I got home

Found them today (the second day Nymeria has been out) when I got home

True to her name,  Nymeria is a fighter. And I hope she will continue to be with us for many years to come. Never take anything for granted and feel grateful for what you have, every moment you have it. We are so so happy to have her with us. It has also made me think about stepping into the animal health career. They are amazing people.

New Rule in the House: No Running

Gift from the East: Tiger Balm

History Lesson: For thousands of years, tiger bones were used medicinally in China. In the late 1800s, a dying Chinese man asked his sons to complete his life’s work. The Aw brothers completed the herbal mixture known today as Tiger Balm in Burma. Manufactured and imported from Singapore, Tiger Balm now contains menthol and camphor as active ingredients, as well as four other oils and some other ingredients to add volume. It’s named after the man who helped develop the marketing strategies that made Tiger Balm so popular throughout Asia, and it’s made its way to the United States.

 Tiger Balm
Why do I know so much about Tiger Balm? Because I use it for everything, nearly everyday. I buy it in bulk online and there are many different products for different purposes. The three that are in the house right now are: Large Pain Relieving Patch, Fast Relief Muscle Rub, and Ultra Sports Balm.

If you have congestion, put some under your nostrils. For a cough, apply it to your chest and throat. Headache, put some on your neck and temples. Stomach aches and digestive problems, apply to your abdomen. Even put it on really bad mosquito or fly bites to relieve the itching sensation.

However, the reason I made this post because this is hungry and fit, is related to muscles and working out. Aside from the other specialty products like shoulder and neck rub, red, white, arthritis, etc. the three listed above are the ones I prefer from experience.

Tiger Balm Muscle Rub: Before workouts, I apply a small amount to my muscles that are going to be pushed very hard. I massage it in vigorously and allow the cool burn to set in before starting my workout. I use it before strength training, hard runs, really anything very intense. I also use it before swims even though you’re not supposed to mix these products with water, i.e. showers and swimming without some time in between. If I have any muscle pains while standing (see glossary), then I’ll apply a bit if it’s a knot or something acute.

Tiger Balm Sports Balm: This is my drug of choice, since I don’t drink alcohol (more than one serving), smoke cigarettes, or do any actual drugs. This is what I apply to various body parts when they are not feeling well, see the list above. I also apply it to my joints in a generous amount before a workout. I will also treat joint pains with this while standing. For a leg workout, I will apply this to my knees and ankles. I would recommend everyone keeps it away from their pelvic/groin/hip area. This product burns much more and is VERY pungent.

Tiger Balm Pain Patch: I use this for when I am in extreme pain, typically in my lower back, or any part of my back really. Sometimes I will throw one on my stomach if I’m in extreme pain. They stick relatively well, but don’t last for extremely long, so don’t try to walk around with one. Although, if you’re using one of these you shouldn’t be walking around.

So, I recommend trying something different and going on Amazon and buying some Sports Balm at the very least. I honestly believe everyone should have a tin of this. If you’ve been lifting heavy for the first time and you’re form isn’t great you’ll start to develop early tendonitis like symptoms. Throw some of this on your elbows before hitting the bench press again and keep those elbows tucked in, and you’ll feel much better.

The Guide to Knowing When to Workout or Not While Sick

Perhaps you’ve recently picked up one of the many thousand illnesses that seems to be going around. Throughout my family, there has been the flu, the cold, costochondritis, bronchitis, Bell’s Palsy, and more! This is really making you want to spend time with us, right? Anyhow, so you’ve picked up a bug, the cold, something and you’re wondering whether to workout. You were all set on your New Years Resolutions and then you get slammed with a cold, but you still want to keep up progress. What do you do?

Chris with an 104 fever during our vacation

Chris with an 104 fever during our vacation

It depends. It depends on what you have and what your body is able to do. Say it’s the first or second day of your sickness…that’s going to be hard. Let’s go through a few sicknesses going around…

Poster encouraging citizens to "Consult y...

Poster encouraging citizens to “Consult your Physician” for treatment of the common cold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have the common cold. You are feeling tired, stuffy, head pressure, and congestion. You may be wheezing a little, sneezing a ton, and coughing a few lungs out. With colds, you can workout depending on the severity of the cold. Like I said earlier, it depends on what day you are on the cold and how severe it is on your body. If you can barely lift your head off the pillow, don’t workout. Instead, rest the day and maybe in the late afternoon, bundle up and go for a walk around the neighborhood. It will wake your body up a little bit and give you a chance to breathe fresh air. 

English: Mimi & Eunice, “Viral Patent”. Catego...

English: Mimi & Eunice, “Viral Patent”. Categories at the source website: Economics, IP, Suffering.  Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Say you’re sluggish, may be a little congested, do a workout that fits your condition. Feeling really stuffy? Don’t do heavy cardio. Instead do a light bike workout and then some strength training. It is vital vital vital to keep hydrated and take plenty of rest time, even if you normally don’t. After your workout, you will leave feeling a bit more refreshed and revitalized. However, stay warm especially if you sweat. If you feel like you can’t do something, then don’t do it. This is a vital time to listen to your body.

You have the flu. Now this one is a bit more risky. It is, again, very dependent on how bad it is. Say it’s the flu without any stomach problems. However, if you have a fever, do NOT workout. This will completely throw your body off as it is desperately trying to fight off the infection (thus, has a raised temperature). You will be helping to defeat your body’s immune system if you workout with a fever. However, if you’ve gotten your fever down to a reasonable temperature (98 degrees region), go ahead and do some light workouts–slow cardio and light lifting. Only if your body is up to it.

Flu Wants You!

Flu Wants You! (Photo credit: alachia)

You have the stomach flu. This should be a no-brainer. DO NOT WORKOUT. You don’t want any…accidents coming out of either ends while you’re on the elliptical or the leg press. Stay home, drink fluids, and eat crackers.

In general, if you are going for gains in muscle workouts, don’t workout while sick. Why? Because when you are trying to gain that mass, or create lean muscle, you are breaking down muscle fibers which will then need to be repaired through your body. Your body will need to go through protein synthesis to repair these muscle fibers and guess what? Your body can only do so much at once. When you’re healthy, your body can devote 90% to repairing itself. When you’re sick, maybe only 10% can be devoted, leaving you not only feeling sick, but incredibly sore and unable to workout because your muscle fibers are still torn.

English: Overviw illustration of Protein Synthesis

English: Overviw illustration of Protein Synthesis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Listen to your body and be smart! You can always make gains next week. 

I'm on your computer, stealin your files

I’m on your computer, stealin your files