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All of Our Other Projects!

Obviously, we don’t make enough from this blog to live our amazing life in Hollywood, California, with our four pets and appetite for delicious food. We’ve always had real jobs too, but we won’t bore you with our work history because you can find (most of) it on our LinkedIn profiles. We do, however, love to keep ourselves busy and while some of us (Alana/Fit) have done a great job becoming more focused on certain projects, some of us (Chris/Hungry) are still bouncing all over the walls every day and night trying to figure out what he really wants to do with his life. Before we get to different projects, we’d like to remind you that we’re “rebranding” our social media so that Hungry & Fit content is separate from our personal accounts. This has happened/is happening to our YouTube and Instagram so far, but we’re planning on doing the same for Twitter and even Email.

Moving back to those other projects, since you’ve always been a part of this little family! First, we’ll start with the most exciting one… Alana’s baby. 

Just One More Word – Alana is a writer, as you all know, but she doesn’t only write delicious recipes and amazing workouts. She’s written poetry (that has been published) and has been working on a fantasy series for years. Recently, after taking part of some rigorous writing challenges, she decided to start tracking her thoughts on this new blog. She only just created it a few weeks ago, but it’ll be a great resource for aspiring writers and everyone who wants to track her progress on her novel!

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24 Books a Year: Goal Completed

Last year, I set a goal for myself: to read 24 books in 2016 (two books a month). Why did I set this goal? Well, for a few reasons, really…

  1. I love to read and want to consume more unread books in our library.
  2. Reading is one of the best ways to learn how to write better.
  3. Reading is great for inspiration.
  4. I love a good challenge.

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A Book to Inspire You: Big Magic

I forget where I first heard of Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, but I’m very grateful to that unknown source. I’ve been writing my whole life–I’m no master, but I have always enjoyed creating stories. It’s a hobby of mine I hope to focus on now that the big wedding is done and that I have a little bit more time on my hands. But writing, or being creative in general, isn’t as easy as putting pen to paper (or brush to canvas or hands to flowers)–though, technically that’s what you need. Sometimes, you need a little bit of inspiration. This book more than does that. 

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Why It’s Okay to Be Bad at Something

Perfection. We all strive for it in our society. If you’re not working around the clock to create a flawless product or service, you’re not good enough. Most of us don’t know what it means to relax and accept that we’re just not going to be great at everything. I had been at (one of) my jobs for 20 of the last 21 days, working tons of 10-12 hour days, before taking the last two days off. And that’s not even taking days off, that’s taking a weekend and it’s important to realize that you’re not obligated to work 50 hours every week unless you’re a business owner fighting for your dream. It’s also important to realize that you won’t be good at everything, so I’m going to share with you five things that I fail miserably, every time I try because we’re not all made to do everything right.

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Read For an Hour Once a Week

AT LEAST. I feel like there’s a reading crisis out there, and I want to help it! People are choosing Facebook over a page of a nice book and it makes me sad. There’s nothing wrong with social media, we obviously use it all the time. However, we will never stop preaching moderation. Balance! Weigh one hand with a phone and another with a book! I’m not telling you what to read whether it be nonfiction, fantasy, romance, or another type of fiction! I’m just telling you to stop, drop, and read! 

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How to Keep Up Your Hobbies on a Budget

Here at Hungry and Fit, we know all about hobbies (from video games, to reading, to board games, to card games, to writing, to working out and more), but also know about how important it is to stay on budget! We’re happy to share this post from SuperSerp!

We don’t need to be told twice – we’re all going through a tough time financially at the moment. The country is in a period of austerity, but does that mean we need to be living a dull and fruitless life? There are so many ways to keep active and engaged without needing to spend a fortune, and one way to do this is by having a range of hobbies. Here’s how to keep up your hobbies whilst on a budget:
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Dragon Age: Inquisition, Pokemon: Sapphire Release and MORE!

We planned on releasing everyone in the Video Game Brain Trust’s sixteenth favorite game of all time. That is, of course, until we took a day off from working and realized what is happening this week. We’ve been working so much lately that we lost track of time and video game release dates. BUT this week is HUGE. I can’t remember a release date this huge in terms of multiple solid releases, as opposed to one or two blockbusters. So, without any delay, here is what we are excited for this week. 

1. Dragon Age Inquisition: Fit has every game in the series and DLC for PC. Hungry has all of the above for PS3. We have both completed every part of the series so far and are absolutely in love with Bioware‘s RPGs. We’ve been waiting for this release for years and despite some unfortunate news of things that will NOT be included in this version, and the main character, we can’t wait to put at least eighty hours into this in the first month of release. We’ll be getting it on PC the moment it is released when the clock turns Tuesday. (Pre-ordered and instant download.)

2. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor: Yes, I know it was released weeks ago BUT not for PS3 and Hungry loves his PS3. He looks forward to getting it immediately and running through the PS3 version. Another Tuesday release that will most likely be picked up Target on Tuesday. 

3. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: Sorry Omega Red, but Hungry plays favorites and chose Blue in 1995 so you had little to no chance. Anything on the 3DS is a win-win since it can be played anywhere. I love portable gaming, especially with a few flights and long car rides coming up for Thanksgiving travel. Perfect timing Nintendo. After being at Target before the doors opened for the release of Black 2 in 2012 and X in 2013, you know where I will be Friday morning.

4. Grand Theft Auto V: Again, we all know that this game was release years ago, BUT not on the newest generation of consoles. Everyone is looking forward to replaying it with smoother controls, faster speed, and cleaner graphics. Not to mention the effects that the Dualshock 4 will have on it, as Sony has boasted about recently. Another Tuesday release that will sell plenty.

5. Super Smash Bros: I sound like a broken record but for anyone that doesn’t own a 3DS or enjoy handheld gaming, the release on Wii U will be huge… for anyone with a Wii U. Super Smash has been one of the most popular series in gaming since its initial launch on N64 and any addition or release on a new platform will make an impact in competitive gaming and Nintendo’s standing in the industry. Buy it on Friday.

6. Far Cry 4: I know what you’re thinking, how did this fall so far down the list? Well, honestly, we aren’t big on Far Cry but we know that a lot of you are and while we won’t be getting this one, watch positive reviews pour in as sales numbers grow rapidly. Tuesday for anyone interested in an amazing new first person shooter.

7. LittleBigPlanet 3: Another one that doesn’t mean a whole lot for us, but is probably one of the best releases of the week. Available for PS3 and PS4, all DLCs from the first two games are transferable and this game will be the first in the series with live voice actors. Available on Tuesday, this entry will surely be well received by critics and hopefully by fans as well.

8. Escape Dead Island: The first Dead Island spin-off, releasing on PS3 and 360, this game will be far from the original. The beta was not too well received but the ability to unravel the origin of the zombie outbreak will have fans of the series playing through to find out exactly what happened. It’s a release worth mentioning. 

9. WWE 2K15:  Already released for PS3 and 360, there’s nothing special about the new generation release of this annual wrestling institution. With a large number of match types missing, that were available in past versions, this game isn’t the most popular in the series. Still, die-hard professional wrestling fans with PS4 and One will be sure to pick this one up for the cleaner graphics. Not the most exciting, but good to know about for some.

10. Watch Dogs: It was one of the most loved games by the video gaming fan community in recent years. Now you can play it on Wii U. It’s not revolutionary to the industry, but this is a big deal to some people who never got to experience it.

No offense to anything that didn’t make the cut, but I wanted to keep it to 10. Try not to rip me apart fans of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd. The first release for PS3 was definitely a great addition to the music and rhythm genre, but this applies to a very small demographic. As always, stay hungry and fit!

*Question of the Day: Which of these games are YOU most excited about?