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The Best Exercise Class You SHOULD Be Taking

So what is the best group exercise class that you’re not taking but you should be taking in 2018? Les Mills GRIT.

This is a pivotal week for most of you! If you’ve made resolutions or goals for 2018, we’re guessing that at least one of them has something to do with your health/wellness. Whether you want to complete your first mud run or get back to what you weighed in high school (unless you’re in high school…) you’ve only got 12 months, or less, to do so. 

So… why is THIS WEEK so important? 

You’re about 3 weeks into whatever workout/nutrition program you started on January 1st and you’re already giving yourself a really hard time on whether the results are showing up or not. The problem is, often, it takes more than 3 weeks to see changes. The scale might show different numbers, but you look the same in the mirror. Well, don’t be discouraged!

We’re here to hold you accountable and keep throwing recommendations your way so that you can continue to push forward towards the finish line. If you’re bored with your workout routine, realizing that it isn’t the right thing for you or if you haven’t started yet, consider this. 

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