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PB Crave Review (Giveaway)

When a coworker asked me for my opinion of PB Crave, I responded with a fairly short… what? I hadn’t heard of it before, and naturally, I assumed it was one of those protein-packed peanut butters, or peanut butters without calories, or something along those lines. I couldn’t have been more wrong and I could not be happier about being wrong. We get so caught up in counting our calories and measuring our macronutrients that we often forget to stop enjoying life and being happy. PB Crave makes you happy. Why?

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Birch Paper Goods [GIVEAWAY]

A card. Good for literally any occasion. However, what are the chances you’ll actually find a great card? Not a good one, a great one. One made with good materials with beautiful artwork like it was crafted rather than simply printed from a machine. Not only should it look nice, but the words should be spot on too. Nothing cheesy, embarrassing, or just bad–make it fun, bright, and clever. That’s where Birch Paper Goods makes an entrance. Their tagline is literally: Fun, Whimsical Greeting Cards, Yay!


Birch Paper Goods makes cards that are clever, whimsical, and heartwarming. They make you smile. They make you giggle. They make you appreciate the art. When’s the last time you appreciated art from a card? I certainly can’t remember the last time. These cards make you want to proudly display them, say, on the fridge or somewhere where the public in your home can see.

To boot, they are affordable! you go to stores and they don’t have a card you want, but end up settling on a decent one. And then you turn it around and you see it’s a $15 card. Welp… At Birch Paper Goods, a single card costs $4 and a pack of 8 for $15. With the quality of these cards, I’d say that’s a steal. 

One we have

One we have

Birch Paper Goods is also getting started on rolling out more designs throughout this coming new year (2016). I can’t wait to see what they have in store! I really love the creativity and cleverness of each design. I highly suggest you poke around the website and see what design you like most! 

GIVEAWAY: Yes, we are doing a giveaway for this awesome company! What you can win:

  • A box of 8 cards (you pick)

In order to be considered for this giveaway, you must:

  • Look on the Birch Paper Goods website and pick out your favorite card set. This is what you will win if you are chosen. Comment below with your favorite card set and why it’s your favorite
  • Like the Birch Paper Goods Facebook page

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you enjoy what you see because we certainly do. And as always, stay hungry and fit!


Giveaway: Lululemon Bag from Phitt

It’s just two months away from the most wonderful time of the year, for us at least. What’s our favorite part of the last two weeks of the year? Giving, of course. Thus, we want to share this opportunity with you. Our friends over at Phitt are currently giving away an amazing Lululemon Gym-to-Win Duffel Bag. This bag runs about $150 and could be the perfect holiday present for yourself or someone else, so you might as well try.

Image Source: Phitt

Image Source: Phitt

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HGTV Urban Oasis 2015

Stress can make your mind stronger over time but it typically makes your body weaker in the short run. You can lose and strength and endurance you’ve spent months to build or you might just make yourself more likely of catching a cold or virus (we are understanding that real well this week). We try to present ways to keep stress levels down and sometimes we just need good old-fashioned instant gratification. Since 2002 or so, I’ve been on a mission to win the HGTV Dream Home and although I haven’t won it yet, I’m not giving up. 

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July/August Giveaway (and June Winners Announced!)

Two weeks late! I apologize for the delay but it’s been a very busy month at Hungry & Fit HQ, which will be relocating to another part of town soon. We’re being very picky about the new spot and time is of the essence so we will keep you updated on the new spot. More details to come soon. In the midst of a vacation sandwiched by two thirteen hour drives and working overtime as usual, we seem to have been unable to post the winner for our June giveaway of Moosejaw sunglasses. We want to get those out before the Summer is over! We decided to name three winners thanks to the generosity of Moosejaw and ourselves. We also will be throwing in a cool Moosejaw sticker. The winners are…

Please email your mailing addresses to hungryandfit@gmail.com if you want to redeem these prizes. Any prizes that are not claimed will be donated to a local organization of our choice.


Since July is already halfway over it seems somewhat pointless to host a giveaway for July. Instead, we’re going to a July/August giveaway that is going to be much better than what July might have been. In fact, we’re going to do a double giveaway with two great prizes because we’re so excited for the month of August. We have talked with some of our favorite local businesses in order to arrange such an event and Frozen Kiss and BaliAsli, two of our favorites are helping us out with this one. Here are the prizes and here are the rules.

1. Frozen Kiss Colorado Flag Custom Tank Top – Any of the colors available in the store, any size for men or women. They fit each gender differently but are still awesome for anyone! That’s over a $30 value. Check out the Colorado Flag Tank Tops available through this link.

photo (7)

How to win: This product is the creation of a man who comes from one place but is influenced by his travels to another. Tell us about your most important journey and how it made you think of home differently. Maybe you saw the poverty in a developing country and it made you appreciate what you grew up with a lot more than you did before! We want genuine tales commented below and our favorite story wins! (Oh, bonus points go to anyone that likes Frozen Kiss’ Facebook page or Etsy shop!)

2. ANY ITEM on BaliAsli’s Etsy Shop! – That’s right… we’re not messing around with this one. You can have any item available in the store. Whether it’s made of wax or yarn or something else, it’s your if you win the contest. Remember, this is totally free. Shipping is on us!


How to win: This shop’s motto is “with love we create and share.” All of these goods are handmade and homemade. Even the yarn is taken from the sheep they raise in their backyard (just joking about that one). We want you to tell us about an instance in your life where you shared something incredible with someone. It doesn’t have to be something that you made or even a material good but we want to know what you shared and how you shared it. Hungry and Fit shares their advice on living a healthy life all the time. Comment your stories below for a chance to win this awesome prize. Oh… again, mega bonus points go to anyone that likes Bali Asli’s Facebook page, Etsy shop, and YouTube channel. We’re all about spreading the love and good feelings. Those clicks don’t cost you a penny.

If you are a winner for June’s giveaway, please email us your address so that we can send off your goodies! Email us at hungryandfit@gmail.com. Again the winners are:


Email us ASAP if you are one of the above. And remember for everyone else, comment below for either or both prizes and we will select our favorite story! Spread the love to stay hungry and fit!

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New Page Added: Giveaways (FREE STUFF)

As some of you might have noticed we have been working to update the website as often as possible. We are trying to expand what we do and can offer. Fit and I constantly donate items to the Salvation Army and other non-profit organizations. We are firm believers in recycling, up-cycling and being generous. While we might not be wealthy individuals in terms of what is in our bank accounts, we have more than enough and are very happy. That is why we have created a new page on the site that can be found under the tab “Giveaways.” Every month, we plan on giving away one or so items. There will never be any monetary requirement. Anyone with access to the internet and this website is eligible to try to win.

Some months we might just have you leave a comment on the Giveaways page to be eligible in the drawing and some times we might require you to compete for the prize by sending in a story or video. Again, these are completely free and all we will require is your mailing address so we can send it to you! These are going to be internationally available so all of our viewers that live thousands of miles away can enter as well. The shipping and handling is on us!

For our first giveaway, we are going with something simple but very important during these Summer months in the Northern Hemisphere where we are. This month we will be giving away three pairs of Moosejaw Sunglasses with heavy UV protection. They are unisex, red and light-weight glasses. All you have to do is enter a comment at the bottom of the giveaways page in between today and the last day of June to be eligible. We will throw everyone’s names into a hat and randomly pick three. We’ll contact you, you’ll send us your address and you’ll have a brand new pair of awesome sunglasses. Remember to protect your skin, eyes, and even lips from harmful UV rays. Proper protection is all a part of staying hungry and fit!



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