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Hungry’s New Favorites: Frozen Kiss Apparel

Back in Boulder, through a friend that has lived in Boulder for decades, I found out about a local clothing brand owned and created by his friend. His friend, who I won’t name because he was not consulted about this post but may be featured in the future, is from Boulder but spent time in California and really seems to appreciate living right. That is, enjoying life and being positive, while sharing those good feeling with other people.

Colorado Flag custom Hoodie  3 layer sewn flag zippered sweatshirt

He is now spreading that through his Frozen Kiss apparel brand. You can find the clothing on his shop on Etsy (an online store for handmade and homemade goods and more!). If you had been following me on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or our other pages, you would see how I have been featuring the tanks.

Sporting the tank with some tiger balm for pre-workout

Sporting the tank with some tiger balm for pre-workout

My orange tank is made from American Apparel and has been hand embroidered. The fabric is of the highest quality and is ethically made in the United States. The brand name is on the front and the classic Colorado design is on the back. As a result, you are paying a premium price for all of that goodness but it is worth it. The tanks are perfect for the summer and warm days in general. They are comfortable sleeping shirts or for wearing around the house. The hoodies are just as good and the shop offers a New Mexico-based design as well. Finally, the color selection is tremendous… very fun and different.

photo (4)

Hungry and Fit are enjoying their Frozen Kiss apparel and hope to create ties with the company in the future to offer fans of both some custom Frozen Kiss/Hungry and Fit gear for healthy lifestyles! We’ll keep you posted on that progress and let us know in the comments below if you’d be interested in some apparel by sharing your ideas!

photo (7)

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H&F’s Friends: BaliAsli (On Etsy)

We love Etsy and, although neither one of us has the skills to create any crafts or goods to sell on the site, we window-shop and admire everyone else’s talent. A few days ago, a new Etsy shop opened in Boulder, CO and it already offers some tremendous products. April has brought tremendous talent across the world from Bali and has made authentic and handmade crafts available for everyone online. The store currently has seven products available. These include various dolls and candles. The dolls are all crocheted and of the highest quality. We personally are purchasing the bear for our nieces. (Shh… don’t tell them.) The other dolls are durable and well-sized with great attention to detail.

Crocheted Bear

The other products are eco soy hand carved candles. These candles are made to order and the best part is that you can request what scent you want. The carvings are of bears, owls, and a beautiful flower from Southeast Asia, if I’m not mistaken. All of the products that are currently available are low in stock so hurry to guarantee one for yourself. If you don’t make it in time, you have nothing to worry about because April’s talents allow her to recreate her projects to order. The shop’s motto is “With love we create and share” and that is exactly what they are doing here. They are creating goods full of love with their hands and sharing them to the rest of the community, no matter how far away.

2 Hand Carved Owl Candles

As you know we already declared Gammianne’s Attic as our friend and BaliAsli is our second friend from Etsy alone. So again, please keep an eye on this new shop so you can have the first look and chance to buy April’s newest products before they get too popular! And if you’re looking for one of the bears, you’re going to have to wait in line because we want one first!

2 Hand Carved Frangipani Candles

For more information and amazing gift ideas for children (nieces, nephews, grandchildren) and adults (grandparents, aunts, uncles, coworkers, parents) please follow this link or check our friend’s page for more information.

The beautiful family of BaliAsli!

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H&F’s Friends: Gammiannes Attic

We always appreciate local and individual businesses… especially those who recycle and upcycle goods of all kinds. (Upcycling is converting useless waste products into new and useful products that people can enjoy once again.) In the suburbs of New York City, lives a kind soul with a love for helping people and art projects.

Gammianne has collected vintage goods throughout the years and has recently opened an Etsy shop in order to make them available to people who are either looking for those unique decorations to complete their homes or for a one of a kind gift for that special someone. With over 1,500 Facebook likes, 210 Twitter followers, 1100 Etsy followers and 447 admirers it seems obvious that the attic is a popular destination. With 120 sales and 161/161 (100%) positive feedback, it also seems that the attic is an ethical and reliable business. Having opened in January of 2011, Gammianne has provided great customer care for over two years without a single complaint.

Rose Bone China Vintage Plate in Excellent Condition, Marked Embassy Rose

OOAK Dangle Beaded Earrings hand made

Gammiannes Attic is the perfect example of a secondary or tertiary job and small home business that can help support our economy by keeping forgotten items from collecting dust forever. Every piece is unique and has a great story that she describes in as much detail as possible. Once the product is ordered, Gammianne will typically add other free merchandise without even telling you. It is quite a nice surprise and who doesn’t like good surprises?

Pair of Girls Lavender Floral Hair Clips One of a Kind

The reason we appreciate Gammiannes Attic so much is the support she shows for other Etsy shop owners. Gammianne acts like a mother and mentor to so many young artists and craftspeople just starting out with their sales. We have received countless recommendations from art to candles to incense to soaps and more. She is the epitome of a friend and caring business partner and you won’t even know about the favor she is doing for you until your sales start increasing out of nowhere.

For all of these reasons, Hungry & Fit are proud and excited to announce Gammiannes Attic as their friend. For more information or for unique vintage goods please visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/gammiannes. Recycling, upcycling and helping others are all a part of being hungry and fit!

Lactose-Intolerant? I’m Sorry…But Here’s Something for You!

Now Chris’ mom is a fantastic cook and baker, so this one is a treat. Especially for you folks out there who are lactose-intolerant (what a sad world that is) and have other allergies. She’s prepared a Pumpkin Pie Recipe (Lactose Free) for everyone out there for the upcoming holiday!

That sure looks good, doesn’t it? Now trust me, I’ve had many many things she’s cooked or baked from her amazing Thanksgiving Stuffing to her Chocolate Mocha Cake. She’s got it all and she has it down-pat.

Head over to her Etsy site for this delicious recipe and more. She doesn’t just cook–she also crafts. She makes wonderful jewelry and headbands…she paints too! It would really be worth your time to take a look at everything she’s got. And I’m not just saying this because it’s Chris’ mom…it’s because I truly enjoy her good, healthy food and you will too!

(you know it…BONUS KITTY PIC)