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Empanadas in Boulder: Rincon Argentina (Hungry’s Food Reviews)

This is going to a short review and although I should have just put it up on Yelp and not on this website, I can’t help myself because I want to talk about empanadas a bit extra because they are awesome. I will start by saying that I do not recommend this location, although I haven’t had empanadas anywhere else in Boulder. Despite the lack of competition, I cannot say that I enjoyed this meal but this is subjective and here is my issue.

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Empanadas are flavorful. They are not typically overly healthy. A pastry filled with vegetables and meat. It’s got some dead carbs in it but the crust is one of my favorite parts. These crusts were not on point for me. I am selective and enjoy it being crispy on the outside and slightly softer on the inside due to the absorption of liquids from the inside where the fillings are hiding. There was nothing memorable about these crusts other than the fact that they were served piping hot to the point that I had to wait ten minutes before I could touch it. Hot food is great… you know its fresh but the highest quality food service locations will serve food the temperature it should be eaten at if they do their job right. But who cares about the outside, right? It’s the inside that matters.

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Well, between a carnivore and a vegetarian, we nearly got every kind of empanada on the menu. Chicken, beef, spinach, cheese, open face, traditional, etc. There were no flavor profiles. The flavors were not developed at all. At first I thought that it was just too hot to taste but once they cooled down there were still no flavor profiles. It was a major miss. The service was good, the restaurant is cute, and it’s a little pricey for the portion sizes, but it’s very pricey for the taste of the food. We got Mexican orange soda, which was a treat, but the empanadas were lacking.

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Now, I have a lot of experience with empanadas and I’ve even had my share of Argentine ones so I think that I am a fair judge of what is a flavorful empanada. This is Boulder, so they might be going for the this is healthy and natural type of thing, but that’s not what I think of for an empanada. It’s a pocketful of flavor, not nature and health. Whether it’s the Stable in Jersey, food trucks in Brooklyn, supermarket in Peru, or anywhere else I’ve had empanadas, they’ve been full of flavor. Now, I’m not trying to be mean and if you want to try this location, I won’t stop you. They’re nice people and they’re authentic people, but they’re not people who gave me tasty empanadas. We’ll keep you updated on our search for empanadas in Boulder and until then, stay hungry and fit!

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(This is a good place to go if you want to watch good futbol matches with a cool Mexican coke or orange soda! Stop in just to check that out!)

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