There is NO National Pizza Day!

Is anyone else extremely skeptical about all of these new National (Holi)days that have been popping up? Am I the only one who thinks that there were actually four National Donut Days and five National Pizza Days in 2017? Could this all be a huge scheme by major industries to get us to buy more of this and that? Is the illuminati behind all of this?

Seriously though, we’re all about trying to find a way to create balance in your life so that you can eat your pizza and look/feel great, but there are some serious challenges that come with all these days being created. While certain pizza might not be “bad” for you, they aren’t going to be the “best” source of nutrition on any given day. The same goes for donuts, ice cream and every other day that revolves around eating foods that are often considered cheat meals or guilty pleasures.


Honestly, tell us the last time that your Facebook feed was filled with people sharing an article about it being National Salad Day. You can’t, right? That’s because we’re always looking for ways to justify eating foods that we probably shouldn’t and when that happens, it’s a bit of a red flag for a few reasons. 

First, you’re trying to let an outside source (that might not be the most legitimate) provide you with a significant amount of control over your life. Instead of trusting a professional, such as a nutritionist or dietitian, to help you reach your goals, you’d rather hope that some clickbait news site tells you to indulge in the newest food porn. 

Second, you’re clearly not passionate enough about finding that work/life balance if you get excited enough on the day of the holiday, which is also the day you find out about it to stop everything you’re doing and run to the nearest ice cream shop because you won’t be able to tomorrow. 

That’s the problem; you can do it tomorrow. You can do it any day you want, if you’re comfortable with your lifestyle, whether that means you workout enough to be able to eat anything you want, or you plan 95% of your meals during the week so you can splurge once. 

pizza 2

Fit laughing after being caught taking bites out of slices

One of our favorite sayings is “every pizza is a personal pizza, if you believe in yourself.” Well, every day can be your National Pizza Day if you’ve found a “hungry and fit” lifestyle that lets you enjoy what you love without feeling bad about it when you step on the scale or having to trick yourself into thinking it’s okay to eat it. 


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