Women’s Fitness Protein Shakes – Which Ones Work?

There are many protein shake suppliers that offer products to those who value fitness and want to do what is best for their body pre and post workout. While this may be the case, not all shakes are created equal. Some provide protein along with great flavors, while others provide protein and a plethora of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to sustain energy and rejuvenate muscles after a workout. This article will discuss some of the best women’s fitness protein shakes and which work better than most.

  • Designer Whey. Whether you are constantly on the go or you have time to make a protein shake post workout, Designer Whey can offer great flavors and a high quality product. Well-known for canisters of whey protein, liquid whey protein, and on-the-go small packets, you don’t have to leave home, or the gym, without your protein. This cost-effective protein product can be purchased online or in major supermarket chains.
  • Shakeology. Created and sold by the well-known workout video company, Beachbody, Shakeology is a favorite among many. While the taste is sub-par depending on who you speak to, you can add to it to make it more enjoyable. There are many people who have used Shakeology and swear by it as they have achieved great results. While Shakeology does offer a good amount of protein and other nutrients, it is a bit expensive and is typically purchased in a subscription format.
  • Optimum Nutrition. If you are interested in building a great deal of muscle, consider purchasing Optimum Nutrition’s serious mass protein. Containing a whopping 50 grams of protein per serving and no sugar, this protein is great for those who are looking for restorative assistance for muscles post workout. Those who are into bodybuilding or Crossfit tend to swear by this cost-effective product. Most often purchased online, this product is highly effective and won’t break the bank.
  • Ideal Lean. This manufacturer understands that women are unique and they also require a specific protein shake after a hard workout. Well-known in the industry for making high quality products without fillers, Ideal Lean helps your body recover with superfruits and other natural ingredients that your body will thrive on. Some protein products that offer this much nutrition for the body post workout are insanely expensive. Ideal Lean is priced right and is affordable to the common person looking to lose weight or build up their lean muscle mass.

No matter what brand you prefer to use, be sure to read reviews from other consumers before you commit to purchasing a lot. The main reason for this is that some protein shakes pack a compelling marketing campaign that will entice you to make a purchase, but you will not see any results. When you read a review about a product, such as this Ideal Lean review, you can get a real life account of how the product works and what you can expect when you add it to your routine.


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