5 Tips to Purchasing the Best Wheelchairs for Exercise

Anyone can benefit from exercise, including those with difficulties in mobility. Whether your limited mobility is due to an injury, disability, illness or your weight, there are still many exercises you can enjoy. Exercise has many benefits, not just physically but mentally. As you exercise, your body releases endorphins which can elevate your mood and rid you of stress. If you are wheelchair-bound, you can still exercise even with the limited mobility. You must also take into consideration the equipment that you are making use of, in this case, your wheelchair. Since there are many types and features of wheelchairs, you need to choose one that is best for the type of exercise you will be doing.

Read on for some tips to help you choose what wheelchairs you can use for exercise.

  1. Get recommendations from friends or professionals – never forget to consult with people you know who have been using wheelchairs for a long time. Don’t just go to the store and buy the most expensive one you can find, as it might not actually fit with what you had in mind. Remember that the wheelchair has to coincide with your needs. If, for example, you want to join a para sports team, ask the other members of the team on what they can recommend so that you will have an idea of what choices you have.
  1. If you want to go hiking, make sure your wheelchair has the right tires – if you’ve been doing some simple exercises using your wheelchair, you might want to elevate your fitness routine. Why not go hiking with your friends? It is possible to do that as long as you have the proper equipment. Your wheelchair needs to have mountain bike tires as the usual ones will easily break when going through rough terrain.
  1. Find a chair that has good stability  – even when not exercising, stability is of the utmost importance for a wheelchair as you do not want to fall, which may result in further injuries. Test the brakes on your wheelchair, and if possible, you can buy one that has straps so that there is no danger of you falling or slipping off from the chair accidentally. You can also purchase some anti tippers which can be attached to the chair to prevent it from tipping.
  1. Choose one that has cushions – if you’re confined to a wheelchair most of the time, you want to make sure that you are as comfortable as you can be. You don’t want to have an aching back or behind because your chair is too hard.
  1. If you can, choose a lightweight chair – if you don’t plan on just exercising at home, choose a wheelchair that is made of lighter materials, such as titanium. Even though there are very light, they are still durable, and can, in fact, offer more accurate mobility to its users.

Get started on your fitness journey today. Here are the top wheelchairs to purchase online that you can check out. Make your choice today and live a better life even with your limited mobility.

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