5 Top Mobility Aids for Seniors in 2017

There’s no escaping getting old. Despite the advancement of technology, our bodies will still experience wear and tear. Walking is one of the things that gets harder as time goes by. It’s a good thing that people have done innovations to make sure that the quality of life of seniors with a mobility impairment will not suffer.

If you are living with a senior or would like to help a senior family member or friend with their mobility impairment, here are some products that you can buy for them. Note that under each category are a variety of products still. You may do further research to know which one fits your need and budget. The important thing is that whoever you will buy it for will feel more comfortable.

  1. Cane – the walking cane is simple enough and is helpful for those who may be prone to falling. There are so many to choose from. You may look at the different materials used to manufacture them; some are made of wood while others are made of aluminum.
  1. Rollator – if your elderly parent or grandparent needs more mobility while walking, consider a rollator instead of a regular walker, as those do not allow the user to change directions easily. With four wheels and even a chair for when they want to rest, seniors would surely feel more comfortable with this.
  1. Portable wheelchair ramp – if you are living with an elderly person who uses a wheelchair, you would know that it is frustrating when they cannot get proper access to certain places. Going out with them to parks and other places can become difficult. If you have a portable wheelchair ramp with you, then the limited access is no longer a problem. If your elderly family member or friend likes to travel, it’s better to buy the portable ramp so that you can take it with you wherever you go and you will no longer need to worry.
  1. Stair lift – as people get older, going up and down the stairs becomes more dangerous. It’s not just hard to the elderly, but even their caregivers as it can prove difficult to carry the senior up and down the stairs. Stair lifts will make sure they will be able to get up and down your home safely.
  1. Mobility scooter – this is perfect for those seniors who desire to still have a quality life. Just because they are getting old does not mean they should just stay at home. With a mobility scooter, seniors can have the independence to travel without much effort as they are battery powered or electric in nature. When buying one for a loved one, consider not only the cost but also the comfort of the one who will use it. As there are many options to choose from, check out this list of mobility scooters for seniors. They have already been reviewed and details of each scooter are already listed down.

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