Top 10 Movie Braintrust & Honorable Mentions

We’ve made it to the (kind of) beginning of our great list–our top 10 movies of ALL time! Remember, for some of us, it’s our favorite movies, for others, it’s what they consider to be the best of the best. That’s what makes it fun–we basically didn’t set any rules and let the creators go wild. We collected a fun bunch of people for you to enjoy. Some you’ve seen before in our last Top Whatever list, but there will be new faces this time around! To start of this exciting Top 10 Movie series, we are going to introduce everyone (or have them introduce themselves) and have them state any honorable mention(s) they may have. Can’t wait to see the whole list!



(guy on the right)

I’m Kai, Alana’s brother. I’m partially responsible for all the nerdy movies on Alana’s list due to all the Star Wars RPG and computer games we played as kids. I love imaginative cinematography, clever twists, and futuristic/sci-fi movies.

Honorable mention: Fight Club
I didn’t see Fight Club when it came out, but instead watched it at a friend’s house in high school.  The movie has beautiful, almost cartoon-y cinematography and wonderful pacing as it accelerates inevitably towards its fantastic twist ending.  It challenges the boring corporatism of the 90s with a dark, gritty world and anti-conformist message.  Is there a 90s teenager who didn’t love this movie? The movie’s prescription feels a little silly now, but the values it propagates still resonate.  It commands the audience to wake up and listen the small voice that wonders “is this it?”.



(guy on the left)

I’m Andrew, a Finance guy who likes hiking, swimming, video games, comics, movies, and doing yard work. My list is presented in no particular order and represents the first 10 movies that I liked that came to mind.

Honorable mentions: Devil/Gabriel/Legion/City of Angels/Devil’s Advocate

I have a thing for movies with Angels and/or the Devil – normally, but not in every case, because it is a matter of choice and doesn’t necessarily need the supernatural element.


unnamed (2)

The first time I really met Alana and Chris we stayed with them for Thanksgiving in Boulder, after an unfortunate air pump misunderstanding we ended up sleeping on the floor. Everything was fine until the lights went out, then, in the dark, shadows began to fly by my face, I kept asking Kai if he felt anything or saw anything, but he did not know what I was talking about. I began to drift off, when I felt the covers being slowly pulled back off my feet and . . . claw claw claw, a shadow slashed my toes to ribbons. Moments later the Nymeria was crawling between us under the cover to snuggle, to this day I believe they had a ghost in their apartment.

I enjoy a lot of types of movies but I have to be honest, I love a good cry.

Honorable Mention: White Christmas (1954)

I watch this movie every Christmas Eve and my dad and I can perform the entire movie, including musical numbers. Bing Crosby and Danny Kay’s chemistry, comic timing, and physical comedy carry the show, while Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen’s singing and dancing simply put today’s best performers to shame.


(guy on the right)

(guy on the right)

Don’t let Po’s out of control sense of humor fool you… he’s classy from top to bottom. As a lover of Americana and some other cultures across the Pacific Ocean, you’re going to globetrotting on this list. You’ll also be traveling through time. Expect a pretty power-packed list from the man who lives to write the best punch lines you’ll ever see.

Honorable mentions:

Wedding Crashers
Spider-Man 2
Pineapple Express
Almost all Disney/Ghibli


DSC04230 (2)

(guy on the left)

Randy grew up watching movies on TV and at the 3 movie theaters in his hometown in Iowa. He always wanted to be an astronaut but he was so nearsighted he couldn’t pass the physical and ended up being an actor instead. He loves science fiction, romantic comedy and any story where the underdog finds a way to win. Oh, and good writing.

Honorable Mention: Ratatouille (2007)

This is an animated movie with heart – it cheered me up at a particular time I was down. Remi is a rat with a talented nose and he ends up in a gourmet Parisian restaurant. With the help of Linguini the garbage boy and Colette the cook, but mostly with his wonderful nose and his courage, Remi saves the day with his dishes. Ratatouille is Brad Bird at his best – funny, unpredictable, heartwarming and he creates a unique, indomitable spirit in Remi.



Scott is a nerd. Plain and simple. Dungeons & Dragons, graphic novels, DC super heroes… you name it and he probably has a bust of it on his bookshelf somewhere. Scott’s list is definitely going to be in contention for the most badass and you’re going to see why. This list isn’t trying to win any academy awards, but it is a lot of fun.

Honorable Mentions:

Fight Club:  It’s of a time past and would miss the mark now but had an effect on me and almost every other early 30-year-old male.  The world is effed, live your life.

Incredibles: Pixar has a unique vision when it comes to the animated film industry.  The Incredibles tells the story of a difficult marriage and super powered beings struggle to be “regular people.” It’s all wrapped up in a cute wrapper that even extends the appeal. A must watch movie.

Anchorman: Anchorman 2’s horrendous flop shows that Anchorman spoke to a generation, but it spoke to it perfectly.  An amazing cast, insanely quotable lines, and next level silliness allow this movie to still be good today but not the side-splitting farce it was in its times.

Alien: Suspense, plot twists, strong, powerful, yet relatable characters, and amazing monster design; what is not to love? 80s version of the dystopia is still my favorite terrifying future.

Arrival: This movie is in my top ten in many other versions of the multiverse.  Watching Arrival is reminiscent of how movies must have felt in the 1940’s; all the troupes haven’t been seen before.  Watching this amazing alien movie not knowing if it will turn horror, thriller, or love story had me enthralled.  The time-warping reality bending nature of this movie accents the subtle plot of an excellent extra terrestrial movie.

Lion King: Um Shakespeare as told by African beasts? Sold!

Kill Bill Vol 1: A series of beautiful homages with the best ball and chain fight scene I have ever seen.  Being a part 1 the ending is lacking and Vol 2 did not hold up its end of the bargain.

Chris (Hungry) 


Is this hard or what? I mean… making a top 15 or 20 would have made my life so much easier because it’s really about not being able to choose a number 8, 9 or 10. But we have to make hard decisions! Here are my honorable mentions, what they mean to me (my intro since I’m a brat who didn’t write one) and what they’ll tell you about the list to come.

I love animated movies and while Hiyao Miyazaki might be my favorite filmmaker of all time, no single entry of his cracks my top 10. I’m not a fan of comedies unless they’re action-adventure-comedies and both Big Trouble in Little China and The Mummy just fall short as one film beats them! James Bond is one of my favorite series ever and because of my personal interests and age at the time, Casino Royale sits right off the top 10. Tombstone is another film that I can watch over and over again, as well as Lionheart, Romeo Must Die and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

You can tell I love bad action movies, martial arts and films that have a hero with a tragic story. I’d say some more, but that make it too obvious what’s on the top 10. Then again, who knows?

Alana (Fit)


Alana enjoys many different types of movies, but mostly those that have epic adventures in them. The ones that call right to her heart to yearn for so much more and teach her to never stop dreaming. The theme of hope also plays across her favorite movies, urging her to be brave. Good soundtracks are also huge in Alana’s book and she will usually listen to a good one repeatedly afterwards. 

Honorable Mentions:

Weaving this into some sort of prose…Hotel Rwanda was a big factor of pushing me towards my journey of helping the world and social justice. My Big Fat Greek Wedding play(ed) a big part of what my humor is today. Princess Bride is just a classic and also side-splittingly hilarious. Mrs. Doubtfire warms my heart and makes me laugh every single time (miss you, Robin). UpHow to Train Your Dragon, and Secret of Kells are wonderful animated pieces that have an incredible soundtrack, but also pull on the right heartstrings. 

I know that personally, it was excruciatingly difficult to make this list. Cutting certain things? Just cut out my childhood for crying out loud. It was tough, but it was a fun exercise and I hope you guys enjoy the journey of looking at everyone’s different picks! Stay tuned for next Sunday’s #10 on the list. And as always, stay hungry and fit!