SMS Headphones Review

Headphones are a very important part of first world society; they are a conduit to music which aids us in many different ways. They allow music to be personal which helps us workout, to be inspired, to focus, to express ourselves, to let loose. I would say that almost everyone in the first world owns their own pair of headphones whether it be earbuds, wireless around-the-head headphones, or old-school headphones–as technology as developed, so have different headphones. They play an important role in our life.

So what did Hungry get me for my last birthday? A pair of SICK Star Wars-themed headphones. The official brand is SMS Audio headphones, but I got the Rebel Alliance themed ones. Let’s start with the look: these just look cool with the orange and gray colors of the Rebel Alliance as well as the Rebel logo on each ear. The metal padded band that connects each ear is slick and doesn’t get in the way.


So, how do they feel? Very good and very comfortable. There is ample padding on the parts that go on your ears as well as the band that goes across your head. They even keep my ears warm (which can sometimes turn against me if I’m doing cardio and get too hot). However, if I wear them for multiple hours, my ears will start to hurt, but I’ve always had that problem with headphones so it’s probably just a me thing.

How do they work? They work pretty well when not doing crazy movements. They aren’t technically noise-cancelling headphones, but honestly I can’t really hear much of anything when I have them on and that is a HUGE plus to me (especially around annoying gym talkers and grunters). So, that’s a plus I wasn’t expecting. The sound quality is really great, there’s a depth to it and it’s very well-balanced.


One of the cons to these headphones is that the plug into your music player can be temperamental. The plug is unfortunately L-shaped instead of being a straight plug so it actually matters which way it goes in. For example, I usually carry my phone (music player) in my sports bra when I’m working out, and if the plug gets moved at all, it will change the volume. It’s weird. Another con is that if I’m running or doing other jolting movements, it tends to slip a little which makes me paranoid it’s going to fall off. Though it could be that my head is just not big enough, who knows.

Overall, I really like these headphones–they produce great sound, generally feel good, and also look badass. They have other Star Wars-styled headphones like Empire-themed and Boba Fett, but they have normal headphones too. I would recommend these to anyone, especially a Star Wars fan! These headphones help me stay hungry and fit!

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