Personal Trainer Showcase

Anabolic Co reached out to us and wanted to feature Hungry in their Personal Trainer Showcase. They decided on a fun and fitting title for the piece, “Hear and Feel the Thunder When You Train with Chris Tucci.” If you’ve been one of my clients in the past, you know that sounds just right. There might be a little lightning too. They’re a fun company because they like to target trainers from all over the world, not just the United States. Therefore, if you check out some of their other trainer showcases, you might be able to find more sources for information and motivation. 


Photography credit to Juan Esguerra of Iron Fortitude

Check out some of their articles for advice on topics including how to indirectly workout your abs, develop more ankle mobility, and what you can get from using acupuncture. Also, please take advantage of their nutrition calculator. It will help you find out more about what you should be consuming, in terms of the number of calories and they’ll even break it down into fats, carbs, and proteins.

You can read the article HERE! Stay Hungry & Fit!

(Hungry & Fit does not encourage the use of banned substances, performance enhancing drugs, or anabolic steroids. For those of you who think Hungry has used steroids, he hasn’t.)

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