City Lights Bookstore

City Lights is an independent bookstore in San Francisco. There’s a certain appreciation that someone can have for a place like this. We were visiting from LA and walked past by chance while exploring, so we returned later that day to see if they had some more obscure books that were on our reading list and… they did. Both of us went in with a certain edition of a certain book, which they had, at reasonable prices. After browsing through the relatively clearly labeled and organized store, we ended up with a few new books that we never knew existed.


Fit spent some time checking out the more politically and socially relevant titles upstairs while I wandered through the high fantasy and science fiction downstairs. They even had a section on Myths, which I found extremely fun and found out that there is a Tolkien version of Beowulf. While browsing, you’ll notice that there are various books that are highlighted as Staff’s Pick. This brought my attention to two books that I later bought online. (Couldn’t buy too much because of travel restraints.) I don’t think they do this to promote certain items; I genuinely feel they want you to enjoy what they love.

Photo of City Lights Bookstore - San Francisco, CA, United States. Must buy

The prices are competitive with what I saw online and you are supporting a local business that seems like it offers some unique opportunities and events for the community. The service is friendly and he immediately helped us find a book that we couldn’t. All in all, a great experience that we’ll surely return to if we go back to SF. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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