Top Products of 2016

2016 was yet another year full of change and innovation. While there weren’t any revolutionary releases like the iPhone, we did see some crazy new ideas become popular. After buying hundreds of new products and reviewing many of those, we came up with a list of our three favorite products each of the year 2016, and put those together. See the list below:

1. Fresh Sugar (Rose)Lip Care –  Fit struggles with finding a product that actually keeps her lips moisturized and feeling healthy. She’s tried almost everything under the sun and while some products may feel good for a few minutes, she ends up feeling dry-lipped and chapped. Fresh Sugar (recommended by her wedding make-up artist) keeps her lips feeling moisturized and healthy for a few hours! It also gives her lip just a shade of color (though there are some without any color). It may be a little on the expensive side, but it actually works. It also has sunscreen in it! I’m not one to normally buy top-of-the-line beauty products, but this one helps me feel healthy throughout the day. 

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2. Cheerwing Focus MittsFitness Accessory – We’ve seen a meteoric rise in martial arts based fitness trends over the years. Whether it’s a more market friendly version of cardio kickboxing or a circuit gym that highlights burning calories through boxing, you see combat sports quickly saturating the fitness industry and health clubs everywhere. Well, in Hungry’s opinion, a lot of the trainers at these places might not be the most qualified, so if you can’t spend big bucks to go to a real combat sports facility you really should buy a pair of focus mitts to burn those calories at home. If you and your significant other, roommate, or workout partner share one pair of focus mitts and each buy gloves, you’re in for some serious sweat equity. Plus, there’s a lot less risk of getting hurt compared to hitting a heavy bag. This brand produces mitts that are affordable, comfortable, and durable.

3. Led Clip Reading Light – Light Accessory Fit is an avid reader. She reads on the bus in the mornings, at any time she can squeeze in at lunch, and before bed. For night-time readings, she uses this clip light. Hungry is usually trying to get to sleep and Fit doesn’t want to keep the overhead light on. This light provides extraordinary light and offers three levels of intensity. It can be charged by plugging it in (I’ve only had to charge it twice in the past six months) so you don’t have to worry about batteries or a permanent electrical wire. It clips easily onto any surface (Fit usually clips it to the backs of her books or journals) and has a small enough light at the top so it doesn’t get in the way of your eager eyes trying to read the next word. 

4. Mummy Strength BandFitness Accessory – Our clients always ask us for advice when it comes to what they should have in their home gym. Resistance tubes are the most common, along with a few pairs of dumbbells, but even those items are limited in their versatility compared to what most refer to as a superband. Superbands are part of our go-to workout equipment; whether we’re in our home gym, at a fitness facility, or on vacation, you can do EVERYTHING with a superband. They’re great for warm-ups and mobility work, and they’re capable of providing either assistance or resistance in body weight exercises and the big three moves. Mummy Strength makes affordable products that last. Choose the right resistance for you, but it’s always better to go lighter. Just hold the band with less slack and the tension increases quickly, no matter how thin the band is.

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5. Eagle Pack Dog FoodPet Food – As you know, Hungry & Fit puts our animals as number one priority! They are like our children! That’s why we take the time to do the research of what food will serve our babies best. After reading a few studies, we found this one to be the best. It’s healthy, it has no pending lawsuits, and Noke loves it. It’s affordable when it comes to “healthy” dog food and you can order it in 30lb bags so you’re not going out each week. We only feed Noke dry food at this current time. When it comes to our fur babies, we only go with the best. 

6. Mayco Bell Steering Wheel Cover Car Accessory – A little strange, right? We don’t think so. Driving is a huge part of life and most of us have spent hours at a time in the car. Your body is not in a natural position while driving and it creates imbalances in your lower body, abdomen, and upper extremities as well. Think of what happens to your calves, lower back, neck, and wrists while driving. Thin steering wheels often force you to close your hand really tight, but you don’t stretch it out often. This is why a lot of bakers and lab workers end up with issues in their hands, wrists, and elbows. Make a small investment in a more comfortable and ergonomically friendly steering wheel cover that provides a little more cushion. Also, it will protect your wheel and help you sell your car for more down the road. We’ve tried a lot but this one is attractive, affordable, comfortable, and doesn’t warp over time!

Feel free to make an investment or ask us questions below before you do! Here’s to a 2017 full of more treasures! (P.S. All of our options are very budget-friendly because that’s what we’re about at Hungry & Fit. A lot of those magazines on the shelves have similar sections… where everything costs a paycheck!) And as always, stay hungry and fit!

*Question of the Day: What were your favorite discoveries of 2016?

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