A Closer Look into Kedi

Kedi was an absolutely beautiful movie. The soundtrack was so well-integrated with the content of the film that you barely even noticed it was there. The acting was delightful because it was all about people being genuine. What makes that so interesting is the fact that it was set in Istanbul, where many of the viewers of the film probably haven’t been. The camera work and editing highlighted the stunning visual prowess and character of the city and its inhabitants. The most important citizens of Istanbul were the human and feline populations that seem to get along so naturally.

Kedi makes you think about our relationship with what Americans would call stray cats. They probably wouldn’t identify them as feral or alley cats because it’s just not the most common terminology among the general public nowadays. There’s a very negative connotation and feeling in many parts of our country about cats being out and about in the streets, but after watching Kedi one might wonder, why?

The movie will mean something different to everyone. As individuals that have shared our home with three cats, two of which were most definitely feral, the movie is more than just looking at cute animals that everyone goes crazy about on the internet. It makes you wonder thoughts such as… should my cat be my pet in our home or should I let it wander the streets where it belongs? For us, it comes down to deciding whether or not the life we provide for our cats is their best option. We believe it is for various reasons, but this movie will make everyone watching it think a little harder about their relationship with cats.

It really is amazing and makes you want to visit Istanbul for two reasons. First, who wouldn’t want to interact with these cats in such a way that they’re integrated into human society more than any area of the US. (That could be wrong, but we’ve lived in and visited almost every major city in the US, so we have a pretty strong feeling about that claim.) Second, who wouldn’t want to interact with individuals that see cats in such a positive way?

There really were some thought-provoking moments throughout the film and even a few tear jerkers. For so many who struggle with other humans, animals provide a very different opportunity to cope with the various stresses in your life. For a man in the film, the cats seemed to have saved his life when nothing else worked. Cats aren’t just elegant creatures, they’re full of personality, and anyone who writes them off as those who don’t like humans simply don’t understand those personalities. 

Our own kedis

Our own kedis

So, who should watch this movie? Anyone who appreciates film, anyone who appreciates culture, anyone who appreciates cats, and just about everyone else. It’s not an action movie, but it keeps your attention by constantly integrating the lives of the cats into their human counterparts in Istanbul, a truly magical city. We give Kedi a thumbs up! As always, stay hungry and fit!

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