The Early Bird DOESN’T Get the Worm

It’s never that simple. You’re giving the bird far too much credit. I know, I was the bird this morning and I failed to get all of the worms that surrounded me. How so? Here, I’ll tell you more. 

If there was $20 dollar bill on the ground, would you pick it up? What if it was caught in a breeze and you had to chase it down the street? What if there were five of them moving in different directions? Is all that effort worth the reward for you? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but if you’re the bird and those bills are the worms, you don’t JUST get them. 


The early bird has the opportunity to get the worm. It’s up to the bird to take the opportunity that is presented to them and capitalize on it. See the worm, go to the worm, eat the worm, or do whatever you choose to with the worm, but don’t just let it sit there. Unless you’re not hungry, of course, but that’s the biggest problem with the bird. The bird is never hungry enough. We’re never hungry enough.

A previous morning on our 5:30 am dog walk, before anyone else was out and about, we passed by four amazing hauls. A quartet of fortunate and phenomenal possible flips: an old bedside table with tremendous character, a bold and beautiful six-drawer dresser, a shining silver entertainment center adorned with glorious glass shelving, and a sturdy yet elegant coffee table.

Now, I sit in our apartment with nothing but regrets because I failed to do what I knew I should have done. I failed to execute. I lost. It doesn’t matter who won. All that matters is that I lost in a game against myself because the other players don’t matter. I left my appetite in bed, my ambition in the bathroom, and everything else I needed behind when I walked out the door in the morning. 

It’s like I wired my own beak shut and now I’m sitting here hungry, wondering what life would be like with those extra 220 worms sitting in my pocket. Are you a worm eater or do you just watch them come and go? As always, stay hungry and fit!

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