ON BCAAs: The Gold Standard Continues

Gold Standard Whey. Men’s Multi. Casein. Serious Mass. Amino Energy. Platinum Preworkout. 

Optimum Nutrition is one of those supplement companies you actually get a little frustrated with because it always seems like they don’t want your money. That’s almost never the case with other companies that create ten different pre-workout supplements with different levels of effectiveness for different people. That shouldn’t be the case since it’s the same substances that will provide every human the boost that they need. For years and years, people have been waiting for BCAAs (brain chain amino acids) from ON and now they don’t have to wait any longer. 


About a month ago, I got my hands on two different flavors and have been using them every day. BCAAs aren’t like a pre-workout, you don’t HAVE to workout when you use them. With a lot of intense workout supplements, you might get some side effects such as stomach pains and bloating if you don’t train enough afterwards. This absolutely isn’t the case here. The product itself is more like Kool-Aid with nutrients in it. The Fruit Punch actually tastes pretty similar to Kool-Aid. It’s pretty tasty

My recommendation for usage would be take a scoop (or two) as either a post-workout recovery or as an intra-workout. If you’re used to a different intra (during) workout habit, then don’t disturb what you’re already doing. When I say post-workout, I really mean just have it by the time you go to bed. If you are taking it, even on a rest day, try to have one scoop a day. In my opinion, the timing doesn’t really matter. Like always, timing assures that you do in fact take it so don’t forget.

Branch chain amino acids are extremely useful for recovery because they will help you maximize results after the workout is over. You can take these without exercising at all, but with everything else, you’ll maximize results if you have a solid diet and exercise plan. A container will last you a month, so it’s a good value. The flavor is not too strong and while it doesn’t dissolve as well as some of their other products, be mindful in mixing it enough to avoid any powder-patches from forming. Those never taste good.

My one critique is that the container is too deep for the scooper and even with my long fingers, I had a hard time when I reached the last few servings. Nevertheless, still a great product from Optimum Nutrition that you can add to your stack to make even more progress. For reference, I have three ON 2lb tubs of Gold Standard Whey, one tub of Amino Energy, one container of ON BCAAs, and a Platinum Preworkout on the way in my actual stack that I use every day. ON, send me more Casein… oh, and protein water. Did we mention that you can find A LOT of ON products at Costco? Amazing values, but you can use Amazon as well! Use BCAAs to stay hungry and fit!

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